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Forza Horizon 5 DLC ‘Hot Wheels’ launches July 19


Honestly not a fan.

The Hot Wheels DLC for Horizon 3 was fairly good but so overrated. Blizzard Mountain was so much better.

Even for Horizon 4, Fortune Island was the better of the two DLCs compared to the LEGO one.

Considering Hot Wheels Unleashed launched only a few months ago I’m even more surprised they went down this route with another Hot Wheels DLC.

But whatever, I just hope it’s good and the second DLC offers something new.
I was hoping for a new Hotwheels DLC.

This is going to be a blast! The tracks look even more bananas than the FH3 expansion and there are more/more variety of blue parts to interchange.

Hope they let me use some of these parts in the track editor.


Looks pretty awesome and is coming out real soon. The next expansion will be the more interesting one no doubt, a new location is a lot more work, but I'm glad hot wheels is making a comeback.


I barely "completed" the last hot-wheels DLC for 2 horizons ago, and with the current version I haven't brought it, but in no hurry to get this DLC , they could have gone with something else...for example DLC where you get to ride bikes/quad-bikes etc..


What time is it?
Bummer. Didn't really care for the original Hot Wheels expansion and even less so of going back to that well.


Honestly not a fan.

The Hot Wheels DLC for Horizon 3 was fairly good but so overrated

I think this time it has way more of a potential and is an extremely good fit tho.
Horizon 5 already has a pretty spectacular map editor, add Hotwheels stuff to that and you have some real potential here

like, look at the stuff you can make with the current map... and now add Hotwheels pieces to that... potentially... hopefully....
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Time stamped the video below. It says all in-game but clearly there are cars reflecting each other and self reflecting in the trailer. I am very curious to see if there isn't going to be an update enabling higher/improved reflection settings. Right now even on PC using the cheat engine trick you can only activate self-reflection and it's very basic. No other cars reflect in the player car though and it's not possible to enable that even using cheat engine so this is either a trailer flourish or we could be getting a visual upgrade when the season this expansion drops.



I was not a fan of Hotwheels in my Forza game. Just too arcade for me. I did play it on Horizon 3 and it was the least favorite DLC for me. I also skipped Lego cars.


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Really uncreativd to do it again tbh
Nah, magnetic tracks, ice on the track, water flume tracks, etc. This looks like it will be a really cool upgrade to what we got in FH3. Plus, 60 FPS on console. Fans have been asking for it to come back.

Also, I’ve seen a ton of complaining, but as far as I’ve seen, no one has come up with a better idea. What would be a better “toy expansion?” and how would it work?
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I'll dive back in to give it a go. Looks fun. The music on that trailer was not fun, had to mute it.
Yeah, the soundtrack is one of the weakest parts of the game. Add in the voice acting and cringey lines of dialogue.

They’ve had hot wheels cars in the game ever since FH3 and even had a bone shaker monster truck already in FH5. The brand is popular and has tons to work with. This will be bigger and better than what they did 5 years ago.
Very much agree. With all the remakes and uninspired stuff in the industry, never thought fun DLC like this would be so scrutinized- especially given the 6 year gap.


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Among all of the new game announcements and teasers, Playground Games' Forza Horizon 5 is still going strong. Since launching in early November, over 20 million players have entered the Hall of Fame. There have also been various new vehicles, progression improvements, new events, Horizon Stories, and much more over the past few months.

However, on July 19th, Forza Horizon 5 will receive its first paid expansion in Hot Wheels. As the name indicates, it adds lots of new Hot Wheels-themed content to the game in the form of new cars, events, and much more. Costing $20 standalone, it's purchasable as part of the Forza Horizon 5 Premium Add-Ons, the Expansion Bundle or with the game's Premium Edition.

All of that aside, what should you expect from the new Hot Wheels expansion before it arrives on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC? Let's take a look at eight things here.
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