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Formula One Season 2022 | OT | Moving On From Abu Dhabi


It feels like we were waiting for the new cars for years to save the sport. Now they're here, and... they're good. Thank fucking god. Lap 46 yesterday was pure dynamite.

Funnily enough, Covid delaying the new regs for a year seemed like such a disaster but gave us one of the most outrageous title fights in history. So everything worked out perfectly in the end.

Great race. If Ferrari fans are frustrated, at least you've still got a shot at both titles. Imagine how it feels as a McLaren fan.


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McLaren could be doing better if they didn't have that dead weight Ricciardo on the team. They should replace him ASAP.

He can’t get his head around the new cars at all. Definitely think he needs to leave McLaren, and either go somewhere else, where the car philosophy is different, and maybe suits him more, or go to a different formula.

They guy didn’t just become a bad driver overnight though. He’s a proven race winner, and before this season, easily top eight on the grid. It’s really weird. Never seen a drop off like it.
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