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For those of you who vehemently dislike a console or console manufacturer, why? (not looking for a fight, actually curious)


Jun 10, 2019
I don't hate anything in particular.

I just become a fanboy of whatever I am playing at the moment.

They all are companies afterall and all make good games.
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Feb 14, 2018
I went from loving PlayStation to just despise it. Xbox went from laughable bad TV TV TV to somewhat okay. Nintendo, I praise it for daring to try something new with their platform.
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Gold Member
Jan 7, 2018
I don't understand sports fans when they bicker back and forth, likewise, I don't understand fanboys that avoid platforms. Favoring one? Sure. Otherwise they are just Loco. Limiting themselves.


May 7, 2020
I’ve never liked Microsoft as a company, they’re lame corporate caricatures, and I’ve had several issues with the products of theirs I’ve owned. That‘s really all it is.

It’s not like I can’t criticize Sony though.

PC is for nerds and Nintendo is for kids.

Just kidding...maybe.
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Jul 2, 2015
I disliked Sony from 2006 - 2010 because of their launch price, lack of online features compared to Microsoft, lack of compelling exclusives and shit performance on games.

I disliked MS from 2010 to 2020 because of Kinect, always online, lack of exclusives, weak console, paid online.

Currently I'm not too fond of Sony again for a few reasons. No VRR support, no 1440p support, backwards compatibility is shit, wiping the PS3 and Vita store, no early access, DIGITAL REDUND policy is fucking disgusting and ancient. PS5 is the bare minimum for me as in it plays some of the best exclusives in all of gaming, but that's all it offers. It just doesn't go the extra mile as a platform in my opinion.
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Jun 17, 2004
I don't particularly have anything against any company. It's just I like to root for the underdogs in many cases. (Like sports or even elections)

I guess that explains why I was a Sega fan for a long long time.
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Sep 13, 2019
360 was amazing. Then they stopped making good games and consoles. Now they say least make one good but ugly console (series x).
So I had 360, ps4 for exclusives and now ps5


Sep 9, 2018
Used to love Nintendo back in the day, but that has turned into mild hate post Gmecube era.
They just are not what i want anymore, and have no interest in mobile systems, underpowered hardware, and motion gimmicks.

Actaully like Sony a lot, its Sony Fanboys that do my head in on this forum and elsewhere. You would never guess it was PS4 that 'won' last gen by more than double, if you didnt already know it.

Xbox i like a lot. Halo meant a lot to me back in the day. Forza love it, Gamepass love it. Love the fact that PC is just as much Xbox as the console now, and gets 100% support.
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Dec 9, 2013
I don't like "all-digital" consoles of any kind when there's a disc version of the same console available. I understand that some people love digital gaming and buy them on purpose, but I feel like in a lot of the cases it's a trap for spending less on the console and then having to spend more on video games because of not being able to resell/trade them or buy used copies.
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Jun 27, 2005
Vehemently dislike sounds serious.
No doubt, I always have a preference, I think we all do, but it should be rooted in some kind of reality.

1. I held a grudge against PS2 when Dreamcast came because Dreamcast was more unique, was better for PAL gamers, had better games and was simply more worthy of the nextgen hype, until about a year after the PS2 launch.

2. Generally speaking I like Nintendo but I’m tired of the subpar visuals on Switch games, since I don’t use it portable it’s just a weak console, feels like I’m playing on PS2 most of the time. I want Nintendo to stop this nonsense and create a PS5/XSX killer.

3. I’m not a PS5 fan right now simply because the current storage solution is crap. I had filled up most of the 1TB internal and 1TB expansion on XSX the first night, there is no way 800GB internal would be enough for me.


Apr 24, 2018
I don't vehemently dislike any of the console manufacturers tbh. I have a strong preference for Xbox this gen, but last gen I owned all three 'big' brand consoles at one point or another.

That said, here's my 'beef' list;

Xbox: losing focus on gaming last gen really fucked me off. They managed to make me, someone who'd sunk a lot into the 360 and loved it, walk away back to PlayStation. It was a bad misstep but I really like what theyre doing now, from Gamepass to the adaptive controller.

Nintendo: they've positioned away from me. Simple as that. I'm a 36yr old guy and their library just isn't for me. They've done the right thing for them and are making huge money but I want a proper, balls out TV console again. Won't happen. I got rid of my Switch because there was nothing to play after Odyssey and BOTW.

Sony: the fucking fans, seriously. The company does what it does, solid consoles and amazing games. Nothing hugely innovative and I think they held things back with the PS4 in certain ways, but no my beef isn't with Sony it's with the zealots who've hitched their entire mental well-being to the perceived success of a consumer electronics brand.

Sega: yeh, Sega! Want to know why? Because they had it all. They had a niche, they explored and innovated and they fucked it up badly. We NEED a Sega in the modern console space. Something a bit different. Just bring it the Dreamcast Mini already or something.
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Apr 25, 2018
Don't hate any console, but I don't buy xbox consoles for a reason. I didn't like it back in the early xbox 360 time period where pc centric devs were being closed to focus on console. Ironically the original xbox was a great console, I just had no use for it as I have been a pc gamer since the 1980s. Then top it off the rrod, always online, spybox and now trying to push games as a service instead of ownership. Also buying devs only takes games away from others, it doesn't add anything at all. They literally spent their monopoly money on Bethesda just to stick it to ps gamers. What shit is that.

I am mainly a pc, nintendo (nes, snes, ds, switch) , Playstation (owned them all and the psp/vita except the ps5, not for lack of trying :messenger_sad_relieved: ).
Really there is no reason to own a microsoft console as the content is on pc. My 2060rtx and ryzen 3600 will run them all fine.

Right now its all pc and switch and occasionally modded ps classic and tg16 mini console. My ps4 is broken and ps5 isn't real (as they won't take my money).
Switch is getting most play time and i have invested a ton. 25 cart games, and well over 60 digital titles (probably more) with all the eshop sales. It's as bad as steam.
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Feb 3, 2017
San Diego, CA
I hate Microsoft Consoles for one reason. They provide no market competition to either Sony or Nintendo, they're just a lesser alternative that happens to play some of the games of the others but has nothing of independent value onto itself.

I hate Microsoft because they are so bad at being whatever second or third place is that Sony really no longer has to even try. What has Sony given us from 2020 to 2021? They really don't have to give us anything for quite awhile to come because their competition has exactly the same to offer.

We as consumers of console are getting bamboozled this generation thus far. The only console still delivering is the Switch, you know.....the hybrid handheld from LAST generation
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Jan 1, 2009
At the time, I was 15 years old and really enjoying the Dreamcast. Nobody wanted to pay attention to all of its great games, holding out for PS2, which had an anemic launch lineup and I wasn't impressed that they didn't update the (in my opinion) terrible gamepad.

I saw Sega being displaced by a competitor with nothing to offer me at all and I was sour about it. Even worse, Nintendo was getting more lame by the minute. Bad time in gaming for me.
I was really hyped about the Dreamcast. It was what I wanted from a home console. Had arcade perfect ports and quake online. Shenmue. Damn it was good. I couldn’t understand all those Sony fans and PS2. Even though I bought a PS2 had it a while then Sold it.it wasn’t for me. Too much fifa?!? Wipeout was just a f-zero clone with chemical brothers on the soundtrack I Had a game cube and Xbox tbh all four were great. Sega leaving the console market was a great shame. But after the shitshow of sega add-one and botched Saturn launch. They came out swinging and went down fighting RIP sega.

I’m gonna go find me some sailors !! In your honour, I’ll never forget you sweet Prince. Yu Suzuki and you magnificent ways.
Nintendo you’ve always been my boy, but there was always a soft spot for you sega....too painful to talk about. Much drive a forklift around a warehouse in a race.

It was the last time I brought all four systems in a generation ever again. I still think the 360 was the spiritual successor to the Dreamcast.

just play what you like enjoy what you like. It’s your life just don’t hurt others or be a dick about things.

If you like mobile gaming games over other systems well that’s just cool and fine by me

you like consoles the best, that’s cool as well.
you like PC’s the best that’s great too.

you think rise of the robots is the best best em up ever ? Ok well sure. Up to you.
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Harry Tung

Jun 1, 2018
Of the big three it's Xbox that gets the boot from me. It's not that I dislike it, I just don't care at all for the brand. Never been interested in it and the image built around is boring and lacks identity. Xbox feels redundant and a waste of money. Third party is the same on PS5 (and very much better in terms of releases, since a lot of developers skip due to poor sales) and Microsoft's first party output is mostly garbage that doesn't resonate with me. And where I live, Xbox is pretty much a third rate video game brand with no future. Xbox One destroyed the brand completely.


Sep 19, 2019
Of the big three it's Xbox that gets the boot from me. It's not that I dislike it, I just don't care at all for the brand. Never been interested in it and the image built around is boring and lacks identity. Xbox feels redundant and a waste of money. Third party is the same on PS5 (and very much better in terms of releases, since a lot of developers skip due to poor sales) and Microsoft's first party output is mostly garbage that doesn't resonate with me. And where I live, Xbox is pretty much a third rate video game brand with no future. Xbox One destroyed the brand completely.
i think it’s cultural/geographic. Also where I live, Xbox is viewed as dead or something that is a joke in gaming.
No gamer will forget the Xbox one disaster and nobody has faith on the brand! But USA has a lot of fans of Xbox so it’s weird. Almost like a culture shock, could also be due to the fact it’s an American brand!?


Oct 23, 2020
The consoles I've had are

PS2 (and later the Gamecube)
Xbox 360 (and later PS3)

Ive gotten on with Sony consoles the most and they do ha lve some of the best first party games in the industry. Single player games are my thing.... I just can't play competivily online.

Because of that it was really hard for me to move over to the XSX because I am 100% sure I'll miss Sonys first party exclusives when they start coming out. Ultimately gamepass and the bathesda purchase won me over.

I'm no fanboy as I generally buy most consoles (even though I barely have time to play them these days). That said, Sony fanboys have to be some of the worst of Gaf. I've been accused of being a shill account and and MS paid marketer on Gaf because I said I switched to the XSX. I see PS fanboys accuse things of being 'not organic' when things don't go their way and everything is a conspiracy theory.


Jan 24, 2010
As mentioned earlier, Nintendo are a brand I'm in a love hate relationship with. Their hardware is always compromised and cheap, joycons, slow processor, low res screens forever. Their network stuff is always crap, no perpetual licenses, weird friend codes, no party chat. They always want to sell you games at full price, even if they're reissues of 20 year old games. They always keep you waiting for the same IP they always release. The fanboys that put them on a pedestal and argue against any criticism with effectively: "well, I don't mind"
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Gold Member
Jan 7, 2018
As mentioned earlier, Nintendo are a brand I'm in a love hate relationship with. Their hardware is always compromised and cheap, joycons, slow processor, low res screens forever. Their network stuff is always crap, no perpetual licenses, weird friend codes, no party chat. They always want to sell you games at full price, even if they're reissues of 20 year old games. They always keep you waiting for the same IP they always release. The fanboys that put them on a pedestal and argue against any criticism with effectively: "well, I don't mind"

Nintendo, because of said fanboys, are in a position that we don't want Sony or MS getting in because the same shit will happen. Right now, Sony and MS are fighting for our money. Nintendo can do what they want. They can probably go another 10 years with just the Switch and they'd be fine.
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Jun 29, 2009
I distrust Microsoft simply because they are too big and powerful. I don’t want them finding real success in any new market, because they have a history of abusing any leading position with anti-competitive behavior.
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Dec 27, 2019
I can tell you why, because the mainstream media and gaming community websites allowed them to be fanboys, and become the useless scum that they are, keep in mind I think all of us when we were young had a preference, I did at one point and it was Nintendo but for some reason, I grew out of it and liked all. Now I'm not saying having a console preference along with PC is bad. But when you are spewing out your toxicity in the gaming community and starting internet fights on who's better. That's where I draw the line and I also blame companies to allow such behavior. Again it's okay to have a preference, nothing wrong with that all, if you like Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, PC, and yes even cloud gaming, oh and let me not forget about mobile gaming. That's okay, but again if you start being toxic and spewing out your fanboyism that's when it becomes a big problem. Also keep in mind, that people who still do this spread hate and toxicity on the gaming community are people in their 30s to 40s still fighting over a company who clearly doesn't give a fuck about you or your feelings. What they want is your money, they are not your friend.

That's my take on this.
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Dec 27, 2019
If I must dislike one of the big three it’s Microsoft for creating the enormous bullshit that is paid online.
And now look where we are now, now even Sony and Nintendo do it. In my opinion, both companies should have set an example where they kept their services for free and force Microsoft at the time to make a change.
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Aug 28, 2009
Nintendo stuff since SNES.

Tiger electronics. I bought a Game.com, fuck them.

I don't hate any console or company

I just hate Animal Crossing fans.

Actaully like Sony a lot

It's ok guys everyone here knows which company you really hate! :messenger_grinning_smiling: :messenger_grinning_smiling:


Can he swing from a thread? Take a look overhead / Hey, there, there goes the Spider-Man
Sep 24, 2005
Sea lab

It's ok guys everyone here knows which company you really hate! :messenger_grinning_smiling: :messenger_grinning_smiling:

and what’s that? If I had to pick one of the big 3 it would be nintendo, not really hate more like indifference. Honestly don’t even consider them in the same class as MS and Sony any more. There will always be a place for them and I’ll prob keep buything there system for kids in my family but really nothing they make is for me any more.

oh I get it becuase I don’t like a few Sony 1st party games and really dislike some of there polices (digital return and next gen upgrade path being the biggest now) I must hate them. You are the hardest on the ones you love. If MS’s good fortune as of late pushes Sony into fighting back it will be great for everyone.
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Mar 8, 2021
The main thing I hate is the blind fanboys on all sides and the people who spout nonsense about consoles they don't have. I definitely have a preference of Xbox > Nintendo > Playstation, but I like them all enough to want to have their consoles and play the exclusives that I enjoy. I've always preferred Xbox (well since the start of the 360 gen) because I really liked their controller, achievements, and Xbox Live has been better than PSN for at least the early-mid years if not still (the difference is obviously somewhat negligible at this point). I also was a massive fan of Halo and Gears. And also now there's Game Pass and my favorite game studio BGS is now an Xbox 1st party.

It's always been more about liking Xbox rather than disliking Playstation or Nintendo, but if I had to point to the negatives it would probably be the fact Sony constantly seems to be pursuing timed exclusivity rather aggressively, which I didn't like when Xbox did it either to be clear. I also hate their controller in general (I'm sure Dualsense is better but their other controllers have always been small and symmetrical analog sticks are not something I enjoy). There's also the fact that, due to being the largest fanbase, Playstation tends to have more fanboys and that does somewhat make me irrationally dislike Playstation a little more whenever I read on any message board (reddit/IGN/resetera/here/etc.) where everything Playstation is amazing and everything Xbox is terrible.

None of that is major or anything but that would be some reasons I like Playstation less than Xbox


Jan 2, 2020
I grew to dislike Xbox in last-gen. Before that I was indifferent to them. Closely following Phils empty promises ( "This E3 will be our biggest" 🤡 ). And now after they had so much time to prepare for this gen they come out with nothing?! They should be entering this gen with blazing´guns. Not seeing anything of that. I think AOE4 looks great tho and is probably worth getting gamepass for. Other then that I will watch on the sidelines how everything unfolds over the coming years.


Jan 18, 2017
Now I currently own the series X, Ps5 and the switch. Right now I think the series X will be my main console this gen, an will play afew Sony exclusives here and there. Still I think they all are good.

Nintendo: Best variety of games and really makes some of the most fun games, just lacks online and the hardware is kinda meh.

Sony: Ps5 is amazing, it’s really fast, great upcoming AAA big movie games, but most of what’s out you can play on the PS4 and the direction they are going in sucks imo.

Microsoft: Very fast, quick resume is one of the best features easily. Went from DQ11 one and 3 days later started gears 1 and I was at the same spot with very little loading. The downside is outside of halo infinite, nothing really for the rest of the year. Won’t start seeing things till 2022. Which is fine imo.
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Dec 3, 2020
Xbox - Because it is too much of a western game machine
Playstation - Because it is turning themselves into too much a western machine


Dec 21, 2020
Well i'll take your word for it. You seem to be an expert at both lol
Dont fight guys, i dont want that to be what this thread is. I made it with the intent of getting to the bottom of why we feel this way, why we get defensive or upset, and why we bicker about which console is better. Its easy to just fight endelssly in other threads. But its kind of neat to see why users feel the way they do, instead of trying to yell loudly over eachother


Feb 27, 2018
I've been playing on PS since the 90's while usually having Nintendo as a handheld option. Xbox is the only console I can't see myself playing. I don't dislike it, I just don't find anything appealing in that space at all. Halo? No thanks.

I consider the best Xbox games being third party that once made their name on a PS or Nintendo console. No heart, no soul only generic crap such as "world's most powerful console".


Oct 22, 2016
I'm a PC player only and the console fanboys sometimes annoy me. Since the Xbox platform has become closely connected to the PC platform and we get Game Pass on PC, the only fanbase left to annoy me is the Playstation fanbase. I ignore Nintendo since those types of games it don't interest me in the slightest and their shit is way overpriced.

I'm here mostly for the meltdowns. The current state of the industry with MS playing hard is very entertaining to say the least. Long may it continue. Pump my Game Pass full of exclusives, MS, pump it.
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Mar 16, 2021
I'm not really a fanboy of any one console or another (used to be a big Nintendo fanboy though), but I've had issues with Sony's customer service before where they haven't honored warranties because of stupid technicalities.

Never had any issues with warranties/costly repairs for Xbox or Nintendo consoles so I've tended to stick with those.

I also don't really care for PS controllers that much. Up until the DS4 and Dualsense the ergonomics on them have just been terrible.

Again I don't hate Playstation, those two points are just why they aren't my first choice.


Nov 13, 2014
I have never been interested in Xbox consoles because i prefer Japanese games and their first-party games have no appeal to me (aside from a few that are also available on PC). I do appreciate Microsoft's stance on backwards compatibility though.


May 1, 2014
I've disliked Sony consoles since the inception of the Dual Shock controller. The symetric design of their controller was the result of a failure, they forget to put an analog stick in the PlayStation controller, and had to correct it in some way, with the Dual Shock controller as a result. Ever since that, they stuck with the symetric design, which absolutely fucking sucks for any kind of 3D game. So, basically everything except some puzzle games and 2D platformers

Playing on a Sony console feels like you're handicapped. Nintendo, Sega and Microsoft all understand the primary means of movement should be placed on the primary spot on the controller. I can switch between any of them without a hassle. I'll never own another PlayStation console until they fix their controller, but yeah, that'll never happen.

Doesn't matter to me anymore though. I don't care for Sony's first party output and Nintendo gets the better 3th party support these days, so.... all is well with the world.


For the record, I have all the respect in the world for Sony as a company. The current leadership turned the company around and made it a hugely profitable business. That's something I can only have respect for, even though they produce nothing of interest to me personally.
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Nov 3, 2020
I would not say that i dislike Xbox, but since they are a subdivision of Microsoft i feel less keen on buying an Xbox simply due to the fact that Microsoft already is one of the worlds most powerful companies financially. A factor in their success has been sometimes using unethical business practices to further expand their role as a market leader.

They do have an important role in the console business though, and I think it has benefited us customers in the end that they entered the console market.

One could say that i appreciate that Xbox exists, but I cant support them without the feeling of guilt for indirectly rewarding Microsoft and their absolute dominance. It feels like giving money to Goliath to buy a helmet to protect him from David, resulting in Goliath being able to simply crush him by sheer size.


Aug 19, 2007
Nintendo- rehash the same games over and over for every generation and people jerk off over it. “Omgggg Mario kart 45!” Mario plays golf, tennis etc. smash bros...

they don’t ever make new stuff
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Feb 18, 2019
I don’t hate any of them or even dislike them. That said I have just about zero interest in Switch, because I don’t have time to play when I’m on the move and I‘m not attaching a 720p console to my 4K TV. Also, have no interest in Nintendo games. Speaking of PS and Xbox, I’ve had them all (except PS5) and prefer Xbox for many reasons. After going through all the main PS exclusives (many of them I consider to be overrated) I sold my PS4 pro and most likely will never go back. I just never felt at home with it just like I do with Xbox.

Speaking of Xbox criticisms, I hope they pull their shit together when they release Elite controller 3. I only have the first one and got lucky - it still works great, but the problems people had with it and the second one are embarrassing. My backlog is huge so no complaints about games.