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For the UK Physical sales thread people, PS5 sold 1m+ in the uk

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I want to end this silly topic.

PS5 the fastest-selling PlayStation console in UK history with over 1m sold​

As much as big the UK is for the gaming, the % sales means nothing if you realize how much consoles are there in the UK.

That link up there shows how much ps5 are there in UK. This not counting the split between physical and digital ps5. After, you will need to account the split between digital and physical for the ps5 physical edition.

Even Series console might not hit the same numbers as ps5.

So these UK thread is pretty much pointless, and we are wasting our time arguing over useless information, when the actual hardware devices aren't even 2m yet.

Its also one of the reason why people still buy games for their old gen. At this point, most sales are going for digital.

Hope this puts an end to the pointless topic about these sales, and enjoy your console
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