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E3 - Ubisoft For Honor Shadows of The Hitokiri Event Announced


Nov 21, 2014

The event adds a ghostly new Hitokiri warrior. These executioners are “manslayers” who have had their hearts stripped from them. They instill fear on the battlefield when the lift their massive masakari axes.

The Soul Rush mode is a race to acquire as many souls as possible. However, it’s not just about killing everyone, you also have to protect your own soul. You begin with your own stock of souls and every time an enemy kills you, a portion of your soul goes to that player. As you gather souls, you can deposit them in designated spots on the map until you have enough to secure your team victory. Each time you play during the new event, you’ll be able to earn event exclusive customisation options for every hero in the game.

The event is available now through June 27