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Football Manager 2023 | Release Date | #FM23 Announce Trailer (PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC, Mobile)

Bullet Club


Last season, Football Manager players achieved greatness.

Over 400 million matches played, billions of goals scored and 927,013 unbeaten, invincible seasons.

Now, get ready to go even bigger and tear it up in FM23.

Football Manager 2023 arrives November 8th across platforms.

Coming to Playstation for the first time ever, FM23 console will debut on PS5 Nov 8th.

From launch, both FM23 and FM23 Console will also be available with Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC.

As an Apple Arcade exclusive, Football Manager 2023 Touch returns to iOS across a range of devices.

Nintendo Switch players can look forward to another season ahead with FM23 Touch while FM23 Mobile also returns to Apple and Android devices at launch.


Series became stale long ago. Same shit, different wrapping. The 3D match engine still a joke. Will skip again.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Summed up, the story of Football Manager 2023 is one that might put the game in a strange position for series veterans. It's an incredible game, and there's no way that fans won't get hundreds of hours of addictive enjoyment out of it. From managing your squad and keeping your players happy to developing the next batch of wonderkids into a team of world-beaters, the experience of building up your club and transforming its fortunes remains as rewarding and engaging as ever.

In fact, multiple iterative improvements and tweaks come together to make Football Manager 2023 the best game in the series. At the same time, however, this is also very much a case of diminishing returns. The gap between yearly FM instalments is feeling smaller than ever, so even though this year's game is an accomplished management sim in more ways than one, it might not necessarily be one that you absolutely have to get if you've already got its immediate predecessor in your library.
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