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News Business Game Dev Focus Home Interactive acquires Deck13 Interactive


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

Focus Home Interactive has acquired Deck13 Interactive for €7.1 million, the company announced.

Decke13 Interactive is a leading German game development studio and long-time partner of Focus Home Interactive. It employs a team of 60 staff and has developed over 20 games in the past 18 years, including “major successes” such as The Surge franchise published by Focus Home Interactive.

Focus Home Interactive also teased that it will soon announce first information on several of upcoming titles, starting with an “extremely ambitious game” developed by Sumo Digita, described as an “online cooperative game in an ultra-violent fantasy world” due out in the last quarter of 2020 to 2021. Other upcoming announcements include first images of a “little gem” developed by Limestone Games, and news on two Warhammer titles—a tactical game developed by Gasket Games, and an action game developed by StreumOn Studio.


May 9, 2020
I'm curious to see what their next game is, even though I'm sad it's not The Surge 3. Absolutely loved the first two! And hell, I enjoyed Lords of the Fallen too and want to see that expanded upon as well, even though it's not Deck 13 that's gonna work on it. Revenues seem a bit low though, I would've expected they sold more.

Btw, they're really cheap on sale right now. Grab 'em! In particular the twofer bundle for $17 is insane, though you kinda want the DLC for the 1st, but maybe not the 2nd as much.

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