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First game you remember playing.

My uncle had an old Atari with a bunch of games that he would break out when we visited. The first game I can clearly remember playing was Outlaw in 1988. A year later we got the NES Power Set for Christmas from ol' Granny and that was when I became a hardcore gamer.
First game I remember playing was a weird ass Japanese "ninja" game. Jumping from tree tops to tree tops. I remember having no idea on what the objective was. Can't recall the name of it though.

Cock of War

Yeah its amazing how much pcs cost back then. Some where in the 4k range and would go obselete in a year.

I learned something new today, didn't even know the Faroe Islands existed. What beautiful landscapes. Amazing. Plus houses with grass roofs. Seems to be a trend in these photos or is that just select locations. Very cool looking buildings and cliffs. Must be very cold though.

The grass roofs are mostly on old historical buildings, but some people keep the tradition alive and incorporate them in their new houses. Some of the larger modern style government buildings and hotels use them too.
The temperature is interesting because even though we are quite far north in the Atlantic ocean, we are placed in the middle of the Gulf stream which is quite warm. So it rarely goes below zero degrees celsius (32 degrees fahrenheit) in the winter and rarely above 25 degrees celsius (77 degrees fahrenheit) in the summer. We sometimes refer to our islands as "the land of maybe" because the weather is so unpredictable, you can get all four seasons in one day.
This reminds me btw of an early deep gaming experience I had on that old PC: Midwinter

It was actually amazing. Open world, 3D, vehicles. Would love to see a remake or re-imagining. Some FarCry games are close mechanically, but lack the unique setting.


My dad had a NES, remember vividly playing super Mario Bros and master blaster maybe when I was around 4/5.

Master blaster was weird as hell to me at that age.
Donkey Kong on the ColecoVision

What an amazing arcade to home conversion! When I first heard of the NES (I had tried many games on the 2600 between the two... the coleco was much better) I wondered how anything could out do the ColecoVision!

Then my first rental of a NES system was with these three gems:

Let's say I was disappointed then I got a NES with Super Mario Bros--The screen could not even go backward!


Frogger, loaded from a tape deck onto a Commodore 64. You had to fresh load the thing each time you wanted to play, and it took forever. I also remember playing a healthy amount of Zork and Word Munchers at school.

Eeeh, I'm feeling kinda old now...


I was young enough to remember that this game turned me into a gamer... I was still only about 5 years of age and remember playing my father's ColecoVision. He had a game on there called LadyBug. I was so in love with it. Other games on there really hooked me, like Carnival and Donkey Kong, but LadyBug was so much fun and the 1st memory of playing a game that had me hooked. I played it all through my childhood until I got an NES with Mario Bros and Duck hunt cartridge at approx 12 years of age.


Mine was Solar Quest, which I played on the Vectrex owned by the son of my babysitter. I was about 4 years old at the time. I remember that you could put these awesome screen filters on the Vectrex. We used to use the red one to give the game a real menacing look to it. Lots of fun.




It was my sister's computer, and I remember playing other games on it, but the one I specifically remember (by name) is Hundra.

It was before my parents got me the SNES with Super Mario World and Street Fighter, so I probably was about 4 or 5 years old at that time.
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My older cousins had it and i remember playing it whenever i was visiting their countryhouse during summer. They were living near my parents countryhouse so i was able to play very often. I was so addicted to it!
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Fantastik Tuna
Donkey Kong on the ColecoVision

What an amazing arcade to home conversion! When I first heard of the NES (I had tried many games on the 2600 between the two... the coleco was much better) I wondered how anything could out do the ColecoVision!

This. Great port


Pitfall .. Atari.. 1987.. I think.. had no idea it was a game tho. Too young... now I’m too old. 😂
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I'm wondering if there is anyone on this forum who was born after the mid to late 70s :p

If i had a gaming oriented family i guess my first games would have been of the Oregon Trail vintage, but i feel pretty lightweight for having said my first "real" game experience was AoE~


First game played: Super Mario Bros.
First game beat: it was either Panzer Dragoon Orta or Halo: Combat Evolved


I played Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man in arcades. Other games too but I can't remember them. Those were the first. It was a little later, though, when I played Advanced Dungeons and Dragons on Intellivision that I developed more interest in games.
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