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First game you remember playing.

Sorry for the fatuous threads I put up now and then, sometimes something occurs to me which I'd like to hear more thoughts on.

What's the first 'serious' game you remember playing?

By 'serious' I mean , the difference between, in my case, Microsoft Pinball and Age of Empires. I suppose it's up to you to consider what 'serious' means, you could legitimately say 'pong', or, you know, 'minesweeper' if you think it had a role in your gaming development that was weighty. But really I'm looking for your memories of the first time you were old enough, and suitably equipped, to enjoy a game which made you really notice the power of our collective hobby.

As for me... It's hard to be too sure, I got a glut of games at about the same time when my family bought a Pentium 2 PC in 1998. And before then I had played a few games without really understanding them - Commander Keen Goodbye Galaxy stands out the sharpest of these - but I think my pick for this thread is between Diablo, Age of Empires,I even got Madden '98 a few months later from my older brother, and Claw (a sidescroller involving a pirate captain cat << seriously check out that let's play it is, funnily enough, exactly which game I'm talking about ha)

I honestly think I'm lucky enough to say that Age of Empires was the first real 'game' I remember playing, and loving. I think I actually played the demo, which was installed on the PC in addition to the full game (i had trouble finding that full game for the first few months I think) so I helped the Hittite tribe... complete two missions. Over and over and over again.

I also played the Diablo demo a thousand times, though I don't think I had the full version for that one until a bit later~ Feel free to write a paragraph or two~
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Sonic and Mortal Kombat back in 1996 on Mega Drive were games I have a good few memories of. But if we're talking just simply which game was first then I do remember having a SNES back in 1993 for a brief time and I just remember playing California Games on it. But in 1996 is where I took games a bit more seriously.

I was only 9 at the time but nobody was concerned about me playing MK. Great times.


Some kind of pong clone / donkey kong game&watch.

One of these, nt sure about the model

First memories of gaming are when I were around 2 years old, so must be those pong clones. The one I remember to be first were these with 2 controllers and multiple games, which one were "Jump over barrels motorcycle game" and rest just pong kind simpler things.

after that spectravideo 328, commodore 64, nes and most stuff of that era on relatives/friends etc
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Pickaxe Pete for Odyssey, my father bought the Odyssey and it only had a few games, and we played this one so hard hehe, here in Brasil it was called "Didi na Mina Encantada" (didi was a part of a famous comedian group here in Brazil) they didnt even changed the game, only the name lol, my late father loved gaming and i miss playing with him :) .
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The first games that I played, must have been Game & Watch type handhelds which were passed around between us as kids. But I don't remember anymore which one was the very first.

A more serious video game, I think was the arcade Jackal.


Mr Hyde

Super Mario Bros on the NES.

I was 6 years old and my mom rented it to me because I was home with a broken arm and nothing to do. I had zero idea what it was when she came home with this bulky ugly looking console but Mario instantly clicked with me, right after the first jump over the goomba. It was love at first sight and I've been gaming ever since. I understood the mechanics and goal of the game right away. I think I even completed it during that weekend I was allowed to have it.

I don't think my mom has ever understood what kinda interest she set off that one day, one that has lasted over three decades and will last till the day I die. Although she has always been supportive of me and my hobbies, I think that deep inside she probably thinks I've should've outgrown it by now. But she will never say that to me out of respect for my love of games.
Some kind of pong clone / donkey kong game&watch.

One of these, nt sure about the model

First memories of gaming are when I were around 2 years old, so must be those pong clones. The one I remember to be first were these with 2 controllers and multiple games, which one were "Jump over barrels motorcycle game" and rest just pong kind simpler things.
That machine is so. awesome.

The absolute earliest game i can remember was a dos game in which i walked through highschool corridors zapping ghosts with a camera.. can't remember the name


I remember some math game where I had to solve problems to climb a mountain. This was preschool. And table top Ms./Pac-Man, Galaga, Centipede.

The first games I remember as mine are Duck Hunt and Gyromite. God I loved that fucking gun and robot 😂
I think maybe Chuckie Egg on the BBC Micro. Though I played Pitfall and stuff like that on the 2600. Can't recall which happened first.

Cock of War


Space Invaders on a Texas Instruments something or other and various games on a Magnavox Odyssey II (Pac-Man clone, Invaders clone etc.).

I probably was 3 to 6 years old during this.

Later it was Spacewar and Digger on a single digit mhz PC with a whopping 20 mb ! harddrive.

These were all fairly simple.

Sometime during the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles craze (late 80's early 90's) I got a TMNT NES bundle. That game was frustrating as hell, but I still loved it due to my fandom.

Then T2 Terminator 2 which again was a frustrating/bad game but I loved it because it was the effing Terminator! Similar situation with RoboCop.

The really good games I remember enjoying on a more deeper level were Powerblade and MegaMan.

Somewhere mixed in all this are also Pirates! and The Last Ninja on C64

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I played a ton of Combat on the 2600 at a neighbor's house. Dad bought home an Intellivision in 83, I think, and that had the first games I played with "depth." Or as much depth as you could get in that hardware gen.
Intellivision's much maligned controller, which was terrible let me tell you, was also the system's greatest strength. The keypad, and the myriad of overlays that games had for it, allowed for a level of depth that you didn't really see in other console titles of that era.


Not exactly sure. It was either something like Space Armada on the Intellivision II or Sopwith on the first Tandy computer we had.


The first game I ever played was Super Mario Bros, on my sister's NES, then I played F1 (1996) on mu uncle's PS1. My first console, the PS1, was sold to me with Libero Grande (My dad was asking for a Soccer game) and Shadow Master (I asked for a game with monsters, such a kid LOL), both were kinda shitty and cheap, because me and my dad knew uncle M. would had gifted us some games, and he delivered(!) :F1 98, Fifa 1999, Nuclear Strike, Porshe Challenge, Nba 1998; Gran Turismo.
Anyway, my first real game I bought Was Tombi! (Tomba! in US Ore! Tomba in Japan), followed by Crash Bandicoot 3.

Such a blast, I'm about to cry.


im actually not sure if mine was paper boy or doom... it may actaully be doom since i believe we had a compute capable of playing it before we had a nintendo.

i was idclip'n that bitch though, lol, 7 year old me would just run through walls, find all the exits and call it a job well done :messenger_tears_of_joy:
I'm not 100% sure this was my first either, but this is the one I remember playing first because I was 2-3 years old at that time. I remember that I first just watched as my father and neighbours, friends played it. Then we played together and then alone. IDDQD and IDKFA always :D

Manji Uzuki

I got a Spectrum borrowed when I was a kid and remember playing Skate Crazy

But shortly after that my parents got me a NES with Super Mario Bros and that really started my interest in videogames


Resident Evil: Director's Cut

First my brother and I watched my dad playing it, then we started playing it. I was 7 and he was 3.
So began my love for horror games.


Ugh. There are so many good entries in this thread. My own story seems a bit more complicated. I owned a Tandy 100 tapedeck (TRS-80) in the early to mid-80's. My parents wanted me to learn small amounts of BASIC programming at about the age of 4--which I did. I also had a couple of games for the system (that I didn't have to completely write in by hand). One was called Downland.

I don't remember ever really having fun playing this, but I played it quite a few times because I wanted to have fun. It was a very unforgiving game. Like, you would climb the rope only to fail to jump from the rope to the ledge because the button input failed or something, and so you would fall to your death. And there was dripping acid from the ceilings along with falling boulders. There was a lot of dying to be done here. And the worst part is that each of those keys would reveal a door, and sometimes that door would be revealed on a completely different screen meaning you would have to backtrack through all the clumsy obstacles you just barely completed to go find a door.

I consider this a much more interesting first game than listing the first game I probably actually ever had fun with. Super Mario Bros. would be an easy pick, but if I'm being completely honest it was actually Super Mario Bros. 3 that really firmly hooked me to gaming. I got so far into that game when a friend let me borrow it for a week. It was the first game I ever felt like I was progressing through on my own.
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