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Spoilers LTTP Finally Finished Uncharted 4


Aug 23, 2018
You're trying too hard to justify poor writing. Elena was acting like she doesn't understand Nathan's craving for adventure, even though she was like that for most of her life. It was clearly written after plot events were already decided, like everything else in that game.
Not sure what game you’re referring to here. In Uncharted 4, Elena could tell Nathan was bored. She even encouraged him to take an illegal Malaysia job to satiate his need for adventure. Their marital problems in the second half of the game were a result of Nathan lying about what he was up to.


Aug 15, 2007
I don't think I have ever seen anyone actually liking the wacky supernatural stuff in Uncharted. One thing is how it ruins the harder difficulty modes, but more importantly, it feels out of place in the Uncharted universe. It reminds me of that last Indiana Jones movie when the fucking aliens popped up and you start to wonder what a fuck you are watching. With the supernatural, instead of being a game set in the real world, it becomes a game set in a wacky alternative universe with monsters. It destroys so much of the story, it creates so many problems.

And then, to top it off, they repeat the EXACT same sequence in all the games, when I got to the end of Uncharted 3 I could not believe they repeated the same silly monster fight as the second game, they couldn't even come up with anything new. It felt like a tradition that you have to fight monsters at the end of every Uncharted game. For me, it was like if God of War would end in a kart race or something.
They handled it a little differently in the third though. They were 'Jinns' and they left whether they were real or hallucinations kinda open to us to decide (I might have to revisit the third one.) With the first, any assumptions that you made about the type of game/series was your own and they did drop subtle hints about it during gameplay and in some cutscenes. We were supposed to dismiss it so it wasn't out of left field for me. I thought it was brilliant! I've played the first one multiple times and was able to pick up the things they were doing to let us know.

For me the difficulty levels weren't affected (I have finished the first, the second and third all on Crushing). I just love the free flow combat with the shooting gameplay in Uncharted and Nathan is very mobile which was great! I also didn't feel it was out of place because I wasn't deciding what the series should be, I was playing through and wanted to see what it was going to be. I see how some people might not like that but I looked forward to the twist in every Uncharted game and wasn't disappointed that we didn't get one in the fourth.
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Jan 8, 2018
Oh look a box, I wonder what thats for?........again, and again.......

Combat climbing and swinging about was fun tho, no doubt

2 still the best, remake that, and kz2, and I'll get a ps5
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is mad because DF didn't do a video on a video of a video of a video on PS5
Mar 19, 2013
Not sure what game you’re referring to here. In Uncharted 4, Elena could tell Nathan was bored. She even encouraged him to take an illegal Malaysia job to satiate his need for adventure. Their marital problems in the second half of the game were a result of Nathan lying about what he was up to.
He is just trying to make up excuses... Elena character in Uncharted 4 is perfectly fine and realistic with woman change over time.
She indeed lost the adventurous side but that is a normal thing in the life because now she wished a family and children... you can't have both and realistic talking the family/children come in 1st place for vastly majority of woman.

If he can't understand that then it just mean he has no ideia of what a woman character that gets old should be act.

It is not just woman but for them the change with the time is more drastic than man... man too changes the habits and what like or not thought the time... having children changes a lot of what is important and you naturally start to love things you never give attention before while things that were the most important for you become second place or even 3rd place.

Life is really good... I'm near to have my second child, now a woman ;)
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Aug 15, 2007
Story wise and the structure of UC4 that we got I had no issues with. It was still good game in its own right.


Sep 8, 2014
I really didn't like it.
I was trying to get all collectables and the number of times I'd climb out of a window and then try to go back in and the game wouldn't let me meaning I missed things.

It was waaay to scripted as well.

I really liked 2 and 3 but 4 just completely missed the mark.


Jun 24, 2020
I think the biggest problem with the story with Uncharted 4 was with Elena towards the end. I thought she was generally great, but towards the end, Naughty Dog just couldn't help themselves and had to reunite everyone. That Elena traveled to the Island to find Drake is ok, but that she found him right when he was at his lowest at the perfect moment in the middle of the jungle made it seem like a Disney cartoon, a little too many coincidences. That in itself is not too bad, but how it spiraled into an absolutely bizarre relationship narrative between Drake and Elena really hurt the game.

There were times when Drake and Elana were having fun and trying to figure things out in their relationship while killing people and barely escaping these hellscape situations. It was like a 70's comedy mixed with mercenaries in a jungle, I remember them hanging in these cages and escaping with about a split second to spare after they killed 30 people in a cave, and about 2 seconds after escaping they were talking about their relationship and how they feel and whatever. It was so incredibly stupid, I don't know what Naughty Dog was smoking when they came up with this but sometimes they are too obsessed with relationship narratives.
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Dec 6, 2013
I enjoyed my first playthrough but it was overall disappointing.

I'm the other way around, thought the actual combat was the best it has ever been in the franchise, which made it extremely disappointing that they considerably reduced the amount of encounters in favor of hyper scripted story sequences, more walking and talking, boring crate puzzles and autopilot "platforming".
There's also only really 1 cool setpiece moment which is the one they showed off before release. (the car chase).

The climbing and rope would be fun if it wasn't on autopilot. They have some decent mechanics there, specially with the rope, but use them in the most linear and boring way possible.
If the whole platforming was actually reaction/skill based it would be so much more fun, or if they expanded the climbable areas so you could actually explore and find find stuff, or made actual puzzles with the rope. But no, it's basically just go exactly where we tell you when we tell you through this very linear path, then use the rope exactly when we tell you to jump exactly where we tell you.
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Dec 7, 2020
best way to play this game is with the slo-mo aiming cheat turned on. Feels great lining up headshots. I really enjoyed it once I realized that because I've always hated the gunplay mechanics and bullet sponge enemies.
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