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Final Fantasy VII Remake is the highest-selling digital release on the PS Store in Square Enix's history


It's important to notice the game hit PS Plus like a year or even less than that after its release.

Yea I'm sure that didn't help.

I disagree, I’m personally very happy what they did with story in Remake, it makes me excited whats gonna happen next.

For me 1:1 remake would just have been boring.

Completely agree. I was saying back in 2020 that the genius of Remake's ending is that it's going to keep everyone on their toes for the next installment, both old fans and new. Now instead of the conversation being "How much of the story will Part 2 cover?" the conversation is "What's going to happen?" Which is exactly what's going on.

We'll get the familiar beats of the story, with new twists and turns.
I don’t know for me i personally liked what they did with the story, it’s exactly why I’m excited for Rebirth.
Well I'm glad you like it, but for me it was like a knife to the chest that just kept being pushed further in the more I played it. But to each their own, it's all good and over with now. I've had time to come to terms with the fact that it's not FF VII.




Sales of rebirth should be better. I was afraid to play remake for a long time because 15 was trash juice. Now I'm dying for rebirth.


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I love Remake so it's nice to see it do well but it's still odd to me that the game couldn't beat FF15 when it comes to sales.

It's the better game.
And it came after 15 and 13 and .... And it is 1/3 of the overall remake. I slept on it, played it on PS++ a few weeks ago then preordered the next one and am currently playing the DLC which game free with the dual preorder. It is better than XVI too.


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I honestly thought a remake of FFVII would've sold more than that. 7 million, plus whatever they sold physical, is a respectable number, but FFVII was for a while the Holy Grail of requested video game Remakes. I remember the cheer from the crowd at E3 2015 almost blew the roof off. It deserved to sell more, because FFVII: Remake is easily the best single player FF game in the past 20 years.
So you are saying it has legs. Give it time. It's going to sell like a million more when part 2 releases. A million more when part 3 arrives...


I have this sitting in my ps+ library. I was never a fan of the series but did enjoy the demo a while back. Been meaning to finally give it a go.
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