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Final Fantasy producer Naoki Yoshida ‘believes 5G will attract players away from consoles’


Being able to play streaming in a Stadia like service will definitely reach new customers and take away some customers from the current regular player base. Future generations will probably prefer to play in that way too. However, there are a few things that don't seem as compatible with that vision and that I don't think it's changing either:

- You can watch Netflix on your phone today but that doesn't mean big screens have gone away. Different ways to consume Netflix for different situations.
- Games simply can't have the same performance (input lag-wise) through streaming than local. This is important for competitive gaming which I believe will become bigger over time.
- Input options are much wider in traditional devices. There is 0 benefit from being able to stream when you want to use a steering wheel or a HOTAS
- We've been able to stream movies and tv shows for almost a decade now and Blurays are still around and kicking because there IS a difference in quality and people are willing to pay for it
- Despite being able to stream to a device that you can put in your pocket, playing on a touch screen is less than ideal for any kind of serious gaming so you'd have to carry your input device as well, much less convenient that way

So basically, while it's true that there is a market for gaming that way, I don't think it will completely do away with traditional gaming. We've seen that mobile gaming found a large public of people that just want to play time wasters but some of that people jumped over to traditional gaming as well. The market is healthy enough to support several options, just like movies and music industries.


They're really pushing to kill ownership so they can move everything to subscription based for the base tier and then upsells for addons. Tv, Games, Phones, Soon to be vehicles, and what else?
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Not unless service providers in a lot of places start offering decent prices.

The whole "it's so easy, streaming from anywhere!!!" idea is cool until I have to pay $15 or $20 a month to gamepass or some other streaming service and then like $80 or more to my service provider for a data plan that's big enough to allow me to play more than a couple of hours.

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Kev Kev Kev Kev Kev Kev Kev Kev " as soon as streaming is seamless and instantaneous, there wont be any use for consoles" I greatly disagree.

Just cause "you" can, doesn't mean the entire world can. Shit, 1gig internet exist.
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then just keep using hardware...?

no one is taking them away from you. id like to be able to ditch the hardware one day, same way i ditched dvd players and cable. i think it will be a long time before seaming is fast enough tho, so hardware isnt going anywhere anytime soon.


Do people really know how much BW streaming games uses? What mobile data plan can account for that? Now add millions of people. I still don't have an unlimited 5G plan on my personal mobile because I don't want to pay $100 for a mobile phone bill and my device is almost always connected to WIFI.
Turning on a console and waiting for it to start is a time-consuming task? I connect and disconnect a VGA cable with an adapter almost every day and don't mind it.

I don't wanna play games on a phone or pc with limited storage and which can have an issue arise out of the blue. I want my dedicated gaming hardware that's for gaming and nothing else.


Am I old fashioned or is the size of the display not important to everyone? For me, I want the biggest display I can afford. My PC is plugged in to my TV rather than using a Gsync monitor for half the size. So being able to play Horizon on the bus holds no appeal to me whatsoever.

Exactly. I also want to be able to game where I can fully relax and unwind which would be my home.


Yes as global internet becomes both household, and fast. Most people will be drawn to the convenience of streaming games, whether it is on the phone, or on their tv. I think it's farther off then a lot of doomposters, and journalists like to think though. In many places in America, that aren't major cities, or on the coast, there is terrible to no cell reception, and slow to no internet at home.

When it happens, I will stop playing new games, and stick with old games.
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