Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier has been shut down


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Luckily I got free currancy for being in beta etc and used it on one of the classic cloud / zack skin packs and got original cloud, was awesome ideas for skins

If anybody wants to know what they looked like it was this:

Good riddance. In other news, I hear that Nier Reincarnation Bring it to consoles you hack frauds!
Yes, I am aware that it's not the same company, but I still want to mention it because it sucks that there is a Nier game out there that I am not going to play because I don't do cellphones (Hi Blizzard!)

Same and the only reason I care is because Yoko Taro is insane enough to make a mobile important canon in the Nier universe.


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I played it and enjoyed it a lot. Especially after they added the second map. It was probably my second most played game last year, and I ended up ranking pretty high. There was a lot of really cool systems in this game that made it a lot of fun to play.

I'll miss it.
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