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Fighting Games Weekly | May 11-17 | Sticks and Stones Break Zangief's Bones

Watching Excellent Adventures right now and Goddamnit, can it just be the 26th already!?

I play as much as I can whenever I go home for the weekend but now that it's a week away, the wait is unbearable.

I just want to play my scrub Sagat..........is that too much to ask?

( ._.)

Azure J

Just editing Azure J's list to match my own stuff:

Devil May Cry series (well I played 2, then never played any of them ever again)
Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3 (Played all the others; Twin Snakes is the best second only to Rising)
Resident Evil series (tank controls, barf)
Half-Life 1
Doom series
Portal 2 (Portal 1 was boring)
Halo series (played 3, had fun riding the warthog. not a FPS fan in general)
Souls series (they seem boring)
Monster Hunter series (fuck those controls)

I have a backlog that is legitimately going to take me to mny grave to finish but at the same time, I probably have a ton of "first experiences" that are going to be great to have at weird points in my life. I love this hobby for that. :lol

Whatever about AzureJ. He found a lane and staying there.

What's that supposed to mean? :lol

To be honest, if I had the income and opportunity/time I'd have played a hell of a long more games in a lot of genres. I missed out on a lot growing up because I'm from a big family that was getting by on the cusp of being broke as fuck. We always had a Nintendo and tiny Sega slant because of how my parents (mother & aunt) were hardcore gamers in their college years/earlier years of parenthood and we'd just be content with going the one console route -- thus a lot of Nintendo. (Though hilariously enough, I'd miss the SNES gen because when the "I want a new console" bug hit me, I was still primarily gaming on a NES/Gameboy combination, it was 1996, and the N64 was dominating the discussion, despite me never playing or hearing about it for whatever reason.)

The GCN/PS2/Xbox generation was key in making me want to expand out and get all the games I could as well as get going with design in general. I always saw the other things in the Sega/Sony/MS ecosystems and wanted to try them all equally, but that gen was the advent of a fuck load of genres and franchises I've always had a high level of reverence towards and pretty much spearheaded me going out of the way to do my part and get a second console whenever it was feasible.


RE4 is definitely my least favorite RE. I know i'm in the minority, but that game never clicked with me like 1-3/CV. I even bought a GCN for it, and was just disappointed.


Great play, Essay! I never knew how scary her pressure and dash tricks can be before. Sayad is in desperate need of putting in more work with her cause I never had to respect her pressure when I faced him.

Edit: Looks like I jinxed you ( ._.)


Sol's getting a little crazy with buttons on Bedman. Not looking good.

Edit: That was a good bait by throwing the air tech after bandit lol


God fucking damn NRS sucks at programming

Ermac can drain an infinite amount of meter.


Talk about broken....



I'm in GG top 8 right now

Speaking of which, the screen went out in the middle of my boy sage's match when he was on the verge of winning. smh

Damn, I missed it. Now I have to watch Marvel for my sin.

I wish I could've made it, but I had to work this weekend (also, I didn't know it was happening till just a few days ago too, haha).


Two D'Vorahs and two Cassies in top 8 but they're both different variations. Looks like this variation system is working out pretty well.
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