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Fighting Games Weekly | Jan 27 - Feb 2 | The Power of Gamers

Not sure if this was posted earlier in the thread or not but Super Smash Sundays has been live with Project M

Still going through pools atm, 54 entrants.

when we inevitably confirm that Project M will appear in more Road to Evo events than Brawl, we need to edit this image and replace the Wii U with a copy of Brawl:

I'm part of that old man syndrome as well though, in regards to not wanting to play team games. I don't want to play partner sfxtekken, i don't want to play team based fps. I think I will always want to play 1v1 fighters and shooters.

I'm guilty of this as well. I really couldn't care less about multiplayer team oriented games and co-op play. But I felt the same way when I was a kid so it's not age related for me.


Also i'm mad late on this, but congrats to Chi-Rithy for being invited on to ESGN. It's cool to see a Canadian representing on it.
oh man. watched a dissidia tournament match and had no clue what i was looking at. is this what non fighting game ppl see when they watch marvel???

would totally main terra in a heartbeat! terra or kain
Kain is pretty good. I still love how much fan service the devs put into both games. Arguably more than Smash, even.


And the award for most annoying sound effect in a fighting game goes to
I don't know what you're talking about that blockstun sound effect is dope, I want people to think someone's at the basement door during every blockstring. (that and it's all placeholder crap anyway).
And the award for most annoying sound effect in a fighting game goes to

The hit or the block?

I like the block, it reminds me of how SF4 arcade had more bassy and impactful block sounds than the later versions.

But it does kind of make it seem like every one is made of metal.
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