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FFXVI Twitter account registered, looks to be with official SQEnix account (to the happening bunker!)

Rat Rage

Aug 13, 2019
Most likely, Final Fantasy XVI won't resemble Final Fantasy 1 -10, so I have 0% hype for it. I also don't have any confidence in SquareEnix' "Squaresoft" part delivering a true "Final Fantasy" experience whatsoever. It will probably be just another, soulless 3rd person action game.

The glory days of Square(soft) are long history. They just suck now (when it comes to Final Fantasy). In contrast, SquareEnix' "Enix" part has been handling Dragon Quest way better.
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Jun 22, 2013
Canada, Québec
That has NEVER worked out. For ANY company. If you can't make a complete game from start to finish, then cutting it up into pieces just makes the job harder if not impossible. I am saying this despite wanting FF7 remake to stay good in the future.

The time it takes to make games doesn't decrease by half just because you half the playtime length; if anything the total production time gets longer when you add them up. The gaming industry is too unstable, and not designed for consistent output quality. People get fired, quit, or bought out. The boss of the company could change before you ever get to make the final game.

The only game that ever managed to finish episodically was .Hack. And that was because it was a simple single player Roguelike game with a simulated email system. You were playing as an MMO player with bots who pretend to be other humans, in an offline game that pretend to be online. And i am not sure the game was really worth 4 titles.

FF7 is exactly what made me thought about this. And also, I can't see square enix going through another vanilla FF15 type of game. Fans were infuriated. I can only imagine how difficult it is for them to keep there high standard when the industry is evolving around such high cost and time.

I wish it turns out good. But I would not want to be in any AAA developer shoes either.


Oct 20, 2013
I feel like if we do see Square at the Wednesday event, We'd only get enhanced versions of FF7:R and maybe FF14, 15, or KH3. A teaser of FF7:R-2 if we're lucky.


Mar 20, 2017
apparently this is spotted in latest PS5 commercial

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