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Feel the Burn Today with the Fire Vapor Special Edition Controller


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?


Introducing the Xbox Wireless Controller – Fire Vapor Special Edition, the latest and boldest addition to our Vapor Series alongside Stormcloud Vapor, Dream Vapor, and Nocturnal Vapor. Inspired by flames, every red and orange color swirl is an expression of blazing fire with a mesmerizing design that’s unique to each controller. Feel the power of fire in your hands and hold on to the heat with rubberized, red diamond-pattern grips on the back case. With vibrant flashes of color, the Fire Vapor controller is guaranteed to add some heat to your gaming setup. Get your today exclusively at the Microsoft Store.

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Xbox : I know we just shut down a bunch of studios, but can we interest you in some more ugly controllers?


I bought a sex doll, but I keep it inflated 100% of the time and use it like a regular wife
Is it me or are they releasing more controllers than videogames?


They release more controllers than games at this point. Who is even buying these things with their hardware sales in the shitter?


I caved in and purchased a few of these special edition controllers because I got lured in by the designs, colors, etc. I will not be buying anymore controllers until Microsoft can release a PS5 feature equivalent controller.


Great timing, Xbox!

Talk about being tone deaf
Every controller they release is tone deaf. I don't think they've ever released one of these at an appropriate time.

You're meant to counter bad news with good news, aka. Game announces/ reveals.


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Lol you can’t make this shit up


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is this some mafia message shit ??

like they send a fish to say that someone is going to sleep with the fishes...
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