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Favorite "bad" games


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Street fighter 1, don't know why I subject myself to it

I played this after having played Street Fighter II. Pretty sure this was my reaction.



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I have to go way back to the time I only played the few games I could get my hands on, and since I was a child they left a big impression on me even they were not that good (to the point I haver them both displayed in my office / game room)

A stupidly difficult game that I never completed as a kid but I finally did it with a guide a couple of years ago. Still, the first time I loaded the tape in my Atari and the "Logon Please" pormpt showed up, I was completely blown away.

Just three dumb mini games I guess, but the Ghostbusters theme and the speech sample at the start (it was 1984) got me playing this over and over on my Atari 130XE.


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Apparently, Yoshi’s New Island is a bad game.
I liked it quite a bit.
Oh, and Metroid Other M. Don’t care about the fanfiction-y story, the game was legit.

Alan Wake

Terminator: Resistance. I had surprisingly fun with it. They really nailed the atmosphere and the soundtrack!

Zombi U looks horrible and has dull combat but I still like it quite a lot for the atmosphere and the tension.


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I have some really fond memories of OverBlood 2 on PSOne. The graphics were awful, the plot was weak, the voice-acting was terrible, and the combat was awkward. And yet - and yet - I loved the hell out of it.
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