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Far Cry 6 x Stranger Things Announcement - Teaser Trailer


been so damn long since season 3 I have lost all enthusiasm for anything Stranger Things.

Pretty sure the kids have finished college and had their own kids by now.
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you missed free weekend in the thread title which is the good part of this announcement, might finally check it out.


These Far Cry 6 crossovers are so fucking bizarre.

Just think of stuff like this and Trejo's Tacos missions as playable commercials.

Anyway FC6 is already off my hard drive, so I won't be experiencing this latest marketing for the Netflix Original Program: Stranger Things.


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Check out the opening cinematic and some gameplay from Far Cry 6 Stranger Things mission, The Vanishing.

Far Cry 6 The Vanishing is a free crossover mission that sees Dani head into a mysterious realm called the 'Shadow Place', inspired by Stranger Things' Upside Down. Players will explore iconic Stranger Things locations as they search for a group of missing Yarans and Dani's beloved dog, Chorizo. Following a strange message via an old television, Dani enters a bunker and is quickly stripped of their arsenal and companions. Check out the opening moments of the Stranger Things Far Cry mission to see what horrors lurk beyond.
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