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Far Cry 6 | Post-Launch Overview Trailer


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The fight for freedom is far from over. Deliver delicious tacos across Yara with Danny Trejo, fight the Yaran military with an impostor Rambo, and rescue Chorizo from the upside down with the Stranger Things crossover. Play weekly insurgencies and special ops missions for free from day one. Put yourself in the shoes of Vaas, Pagan Min, and Father Joseph and relive their origin stories in a new roguelite game mode with the Far Cry 6 Season Pass, available late 2021.


Crossover Missions (Free)
  • Danny & Dani vs. Everybody
  • Rambo: All the Blood
  • The Vanishing (FC6 x Stranger Things)
Special Operations (Free)
  • Cocodrilo
  • Los Tres Santos
  • Puerta Del Eden
  • Malagua
  • + 2 more
Weekly Insurgencies (Free)

Season Pass

  • Insanity (FC3)
  • Control (FC4)
  • Collapse (FC5)
  • Bonus: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

All of this content is playable solo or co-op.

The season pass missions seem to be a type of rogue-lite/rogue-like.
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Far Cry 4 didn't hook me and 5 felt too All American for my tastes, but 6's jungles are looking promising. Might get this...


Far Cry's are definitely a guilty pleasure for me. This one looks great if I'm honest and can't be upset at free content. Bit disappointed the season pass stuff is trying to be a roguelike though. Just not my kinda thing. We'll see.


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They are not doing any wacky DLC (paid) this time?
Good for them, I guess. I found the zombie and space DLCs from the last game sadly disappointing.
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