Far cry 3 vs The last of us 2


How does a game change its character. How does a simple little innocent person, turn in to murderous revenge person. How does the game, actually make you feel about the character?

These are the question I have been having after watching this video.

At 1 corner, we have far cry 3. A young goofy kid named Jason Brody , who saw his brother gets killed in front of him. On other corner, We have Ellie, Who watched her dear like father, killed in front of her, in the most brutal way.

How does the 2 games show the change in the character through out the entire game. Which character made you feel like, they were crossing a bridge, which has no return point. Which game made you feel gross, from the actions of the character.

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Let's compare heroes with moustaches that jump on enemies:
Super Mario
Haggar (Final Fight)


Farcry 3 was pretty fun. NSFW tag made me think there would be an image of the chick that bangs you at the finale.




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When I first played FC3, I was excited to see this great character development everyone was talking about.

Turns out the protagonist is a rich boy who went with his rich friends to celebrate on an exotic island in another continent.
I was cheering for Vaas and that English bad dude instead of caring about these rich spoiled kids. You can guess which ending I went with.

Maybe if I was born rich I would've appreciated that character development more. 🤔
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It's a decent comparison.

For me the biggest problem I have with LOU2 was that in the original it took the standard video game formula and injected humanity into it -- That was what was surprising. How humane it was. How it moved you.
The new game just drags that kicking and screaming back into the old, you killed my father I need revenge hyperbolic over the top fantasy crap. It's been done a million times.


Far cry 3... Examination of human instincts and the effects of adversity? Think you're a game late for that mate..


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So something like south park is ableism heaven?!
Yes and now, because many argue, that they are showing people about struggles of invalid people. But yeah on surface level, yeah. Ableism is like "don't stay in wheelchair, walk you lazy fuck" : D


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Yes and now, because many argue, that they are showing people about struggles of invalid people. But yeah on surface level, yeah. Ableism is like "don't stay in wheelchair, walk you lazy fuck" : D
Well that is in bad taste for sure.
I dont even know what ableism means.
me neither, i had to look that shit up when regretera banned me for that reason

I was sitting there looking at the banned message like

and all i said was that I thought Joaquin Phoenix might be crazy in real life after watching The Joker and the Master back to back

Imagine getting banned for simply thinking a thought
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I'm truly growing to hate the word "gross". I suppose I should look at it like the word "awesome", but I can't since most people who use gross in this kind of context are those kinds of people (the ones I hate). Not all, just most.


Too bad I never finished Far Cry 3 to see this story, I was too focused on hunting skins of sharks and tigers for pouches. Don't get me wrong, Far Cry 3 was great at the time, but I don't think it was great vessel for the story they were trying to tell.

On comparison I finished Last of Us Part 2 in a weekend. I was expecting it to be quite a different story than it was. I got what I wanted about 2/3 into the game when there was point game could have ended and then it dragged some hours more. I didn't quite buy the hate from Ellie, maybe it could have been set somehow better.

Was there some gamey ass bullshit in both games: yes
Did the pacing make the story worse in both games: yes

I think if you try to chase that ultimate harmony you really have to give up on gameplay, make game less "fun". But I'm not sure if that is viable even for smaller projects, first of all it's not easy task and then they still need that critical mass of customers, win them over and prove their worth.

But there are some nuggets of harmony, Florence comes to mind. Too bad they are more of a interactive stories than full blown games.
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