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Famitsu Sales: 12/13/21 – 12/19/21




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I never said MS will get out of gaming or that Gamepass is a failure. But in the very unlikely scenario, Microsoft as a company would be fine, since Xbox isn't their main source of income, Windows/Enterprise is. Sony and Nintendo on the other hand would be dead. I'm not talking about XGS. Obviously, it would be catastrophic for them but it's parent company? No big deal. That's all i'm saying.
Last time I checked. SIE is just one part of the Sony organisation. One of six constituent divisions.



Sony main focus as a corporation is gaming these days. That's their most profitable business by far and their biggest revenue too (it accounts for 25 % of their revenue, and that share grows every year).

Sony's gaming division makes the most revenue. Sony would be far worse off without Playstation compared to Microsoft and Xbox.
For comparison, xbox is 8% of Microsoft's revenue (I think) but I assume the ratio in terms of % of parents company's profit is going to be alot bigger.
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CEO targets are based on corporation business targets. Here, GamePass annual business growth target (chosen by Microsoft themselves) was 48 %. This was the internal realistic target according to MS. It was missed, real growth was "only" 37%.

It may be due to components shortage limiting Xbox sales though (and MS not being able to evaluate those shortages properly, which is fine), so no reason to worry just yet. But there's no reason to think it's a sweeping success either when it just missed its latest growth target.

Everything about console (or even PC GPU) sales must be evaluated AFTER shortages end anyway. Right now, it makes zero sense, there should be no sales thread of any kind, half of the products aren't on shelves. Whatever is on shelves obviously sells the most.
We had a very long thread about these "targets".

They were bonis incentives put on place in 2019 and not taking into consideration what covic effects on 2020 and 2021. As 2020 showed huge growth in gamepass beyond "target " rate, 2021 initial targets were not adjusted. So, Microsoft did not want to give their Different CEOs big shots fat bonuses 2 years in a row.
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