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Opinion Fallout 4 vs. Cyberpunk 2077


Sep 26, 2019
Fallout 4 was weak compared to the funds they have and previous games. Like Pokemon on Switch lol. Not even thinking about 76...

Bethesda had a horrible generation and has been going downhill for awhile


Oct 29, 2020
HOnestly at this point; they should have just made the game a linear game with open approach story missions, with elaborate side missions.

Would have fit their strengths much better and would have been a better experience.

The open world aspect of the game seems pointless, beyond exploration.
Hard disagree. I love the world

I'd say Fallout 4 simply because what it aims to do, it does very well even if its limited. They understand what the team can do, focused on that and delivered a solid experience. The marketing was done very well, no yeaaaaars of hype, just here is a trailer, see you in 6 months lol

Fallout 4 basically only promises to be a Fallout experience with exploring post-apocalyptic wilderness.

I enjoy how the VAC system is used and I believe the perk system is superior to any of the incremental upgrades that you do in cyberpunk outside of maybe the double jump and the mantis arms.

I believe what sets them apart even further is going to be the settlement system and how factions worked because throughout the game the decisions you made depending on what faction you sided with actually had big significant things happening to you in the game. Looking back at Fallout 4 now, I might like it less than New Vegas or Fallout 3 but looking at how things turned out for cyberpunk 2077, Fallout 4 is simply the far superior game in many many regards. They didn't bite off more than they could chew and the experience you are looking for was very much intact even if it wasn't as good as Fallout 3 or New Vegas in my personal opinion.

I feel cyberpunk 2077 kind of suffers from being a jack of all trades master of none as you end up getting an experience that you're not even quite sure in what area it's going to be the best in because I can't even really tell you that's an RPG it would be like saying Far Cry is an RPG or something, even Fallout 4 is criticisms for being less of an RPG compared to Fallout 3 and New Vegas seem pretty minute in comparison now in hindsight.

So Fallout 4 does a very good job at making all the things the factions do actually matter in the world.
Master of none? Master of narrative driven open world gameplay. That's what they do and they absolutely succeeded.
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Apr 5, 2018
South Florida aka Outer Haven
Hard disagree. I love the world

Master of none? Master of narrative driven open world gameplay. That's what they do and they absolutely succeeded.

Anything with story or narrative is subjective, I more so mean lots of the gameplay mechanics. Even in regards to the narrative, many things could have been done in the open world to drive home those ideas more instead of just leaving them as "lore". A game literally about body modification and augmentation not having barbers, tattoo shops etc is a massive narrative miss. They need more show me and less tell me. This is a game, not a book. They can do better.
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May 18, 2007
I'm not done with Cyberpunk (will get back to it when they patch the game some more) but Fallout 4 is leagues above just because of the modding community.

Same on Cyberpunk I’ll wait for a few patches but where I left off after tracking down blue hair girl with Judy I feel like Fallout is more exploratory and random. Like the world is barren in Fallout but there are just so many weird things to stumble upon and new settlements to discover after walking around the wasteland it’s just a bit more open to me. Hoping the randomness and NPCs will improve in Cyberpunk over time so I don’t feel like I can’t wander.
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