F1 22 ($70 on next-gen) has a paid battle pass, MTX store


F1 has one foot in racing games and one foot in sports games. And we know sports games are among the worst for fleecing fans.


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I mean, it's EA, so its absolutely no surprise. Would like to try a demo version to see how the VR is, but other than that, I can easily do without an EA sports game in my life, even if I am a big fan of racing games and F1. There doesn't seem to be anywhere near enough new in this game to justify the price tag.


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Just saw this and laughed, Andy just triggering the fanbyte employees on their review post

Michael Jordan Lol GIF by ESPN


Here's the latest $70 next-gen game with free-to-play monetization.

EA's F1 22 has a paid battle pass for $10. It works the same as all other battle passes, a free tier with shit rewards and then you have to pay for the premium version to unlock the better stuff. It uses an in-game currency that you use real money to buy, and there's also an in-game MTX store that uses the currency as well.

The stuff you unlock is basically the same cosmetic stuff you get for free with the FH5 wheel spins; liveries, avatar customization, audio, etc. But EA is charging real money for it in F1 22.
I'm so satisfied with gaming today. It is SO much better than it was in the "old days". Fuck all these idiots who used to pay for a game to actually own it forever and, on top of that, get everything they paid for on the cartridge/CD without having to spend extra money to get any extras. Yay for gaming today!!!
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