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F1 2021 holds No.1 spot as PS5 titles dwindle | UK Boxed Charts


Feb 25, 2021
A game released a month that has a base price of $70 USD has sold over a million copies on a system that is only in the hands of 10 million people. That's big no matter how you want to frame it.
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Feb 28, 2021
This. I think the price is barely OK in US but in Europe the £70 / €80 price tag is too high. And it shows. Personnaly I own Ratchet only because it was bundled and I would not have bought it at this price. I want Returnal, but not at this price.
Returnal is an awesome game, and I think it would have done a lot better sales wise at £45 - £50. the £70 price is actually being detrimental to the nurturing of new IP. I picked it up because i traded a load of old shit in and got to £60. It's madness to think of these game prices.
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