Exclusive Horizon Forbidden West Photo Mode Thread. Lets take Sexy Beautiful Pics. PS4|PS5


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Mix of Performance Mode/Resolution and Gameplay/Photo-Mode.

Aloy.. :messenger_heart:


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What armor is that? A Shame I'm just one trophy away from platinum it... I would have wear that.
Dyed Tenakth Recon + Utaru Protector face paint.
If it makes you feel better, be thankful you haven't been distracted during every dialogue by how beautiful Aloy looks in it.

This has got to be the best looking game out there. Some of these look damn near real just wow
It unquestionably is to me.
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The Character models look detached from the environment looks odd.
That is DoF for you in these shots… but still this dominates modern western aesthetics:

Add post processing to boot. Now compare it with some Japanese classics (FROM games, Team ICO, etc… in term of clarity and perceived detail, geometry, etc…) and you will see a more closer to linear curve and a less steep slope too IMHO.


The Character models look detached from the environment looks odd.

Admittedly, I heavy handed the depth of field effects. It's a personal failing; I overused DoF and bokeh effects when I dabbled with DSLR photography many years ago. Realized I could take decent photographs but I'd never have the chops to be a professional.

fart town usa

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Oh wow. These are stunning.

Might have to actually try this out sometime. I've read great things about Horizon but I just don't think it's the kind of game for me. Those visuals alone might be enough to get me in, not anytime soon but my interest has certainly piqued. Well done Gaf.


The details on this game man, Guerrilla even modeled her breasts; when you put a certain armor you can zoom in using photo mode and the armor clips in with the camera :messenger_hushed:


I have finished this game but gonna hold out for platinum, wanna play with VRR enabled on Resolution mode. Plz GG do it ASAP.


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The world was good (far from original tho) but the characters were deep as a puddle and the plot was predictable and pretty stupid in some parts.

For a sequel better hire someone who doesn't fuck up a 5 hours story in an heavy narrative driven game...
I wish Sony didn't bail on a sequel to this one. 1886 was definitely had a lot of issues but the world they built was an interesting one
I wish Sony was more comfortable with delays back then or with different price points. The game wasn't that far away from being good, it was just clearly unfinished, the ingredients were there to make a good game but it was undercooked.

Pretty much everything in it works on it's own, graphics, characters, lore, weapons, except the boss encounters that were very lame, but the end result is a lot less than the sum of it's parts. They got everything ready to make a game but then they ran out of time to make the game.
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Is this game worth getting a PS5 for? They seem to finally be in stock. Sifu, this and Spiderman are the main games I would want it for. Getting a bit tired of Xbox atm.
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