Exclusive Horizon Forbidden West Photo Mode Thread. Lets take Sexy Beautiful Pics. PS4|PS5

A must-moment for photo mode.


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I reported the photo mode bug.
For those that are clueless about it.
All characters seem to look dead straight when you enter photo mode.
So Aloy is looking at a character when you enter photo mode she looks straight ahead instead.
This also happens in gameplay and it effects the look at camera option too.
Her head will follow but her eyes don't like they did in Zero Dawn.
And most of the new poses it doesn't work at all even though it's highlighted that it should.
Plus her Aftermath pose has her hands clipping into her face.
evidence they made her face bigger maybe?


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The graphics of this game really rocks my world, but I don't have the money to buy a PS5 yet, and I don't wanna waste the experience on my PS4.

I hope by the time I catch up I don't lose the sensation of now.
I took this outside of photo mode just for the people who say that photo mode adds visual quality, her face looks just as good here. Sadly it's 1080p through twitter, I'll have to check my share settings. There is a little blur because she's so close to the camera but clearly the face looks great during 100% gameplay and not just in photo mode.

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