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Evercade VS has a new "Game of the Month" feature, offering FREE monthly downloads of indie games

Agent X

Blaze Entertainment has announced a new "Game of the Month" feature for the Evercade VS system. Starting this Friday, April 8, and running through the rest of 2022, Evercade VS users will be able to play a new free indie game direct from their system, every month.

On the first full week of that month, you'll have the opportunity to download the new game to your console through a system update.This game will be playable for a whole month before the next update is available, at which point the game will be replaced with a brand new Game of the Month.

While this feature is exclusive to Evercade VS users, the complete collection of all of the Game of the Month games will be published on a physical cartridge called "Indie Heroes Collection 2" (playable on all Evercade systems). This cartridge will be released at the end of this year.


The first game in this program will be Tapeworm Disco Puzzle by Lowtek Games. Created by Alastair Low, the creator of Flea!, this wonderful spin-off sees you navigate puzzles as a Club Owner and DJ tapeworm (that lives in a tape) in order to keep the Fleas happy. More information about the game will be revealed in a blog post later this week.



Agent X

The Game of the Month for May is Nessy the Robot.

Made by Daniel T Gaming, Nessy the Robot is a platform game where you control Nessy, a familiar retro controller-themed robot. You venture and fight through the world of robot zombies, slimes, and more with your goal of preventing the destruction of your home – Pixel Park. As an alien UFO full of slimes arrives at Pixel Park to wreak havoc on the world, Nessy sets about finding the slimes responsible and putting the world to right, with the help of Dusti the Bee, who guides him through the journey. You will explore the levels, avoiding or defeating enemies with your projectile, navigating platforms, collecting gems, and petting dogs!

You can find more information at this blog post from the official Evercade site.

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