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Eurogamer's 37 Essential Games of 2022 : GOTY is Elden Ring

Golgo 13

The Man With The Golden Dong
This like the 4th list people will be saying is silly, invalid and attention seeking because GOW:R was left of for indies. Despite the people making the claim not playing indies. Signalis is next up for me. Can’t wait to play it.
I'm starting Signalis this weekend. Probably going to buy Mothmen. Never even heard of it, and it's on console for pretty cheap.

Pretty solid list. I need to play Road 96 still as well. Have it downloaded for a few months now.

2nd time Roadwarden has been in a top 10 list. Still barely know what it is. Will have to watch for that one.
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A bunch of those went over my radar, and some of them like Roadwarden look pretty and quite interesting. Thanks Eurobros.

Elden Ring deserves that position imo. A game packed full of content (even if some of it is copy&pasted), variety and quality, that respects the player's skill and wits while also being mysterious and providing that "adventure feel".

Really good list. Love it that almost every list this year is dropping most of the bloated AAA hype snoozefests, including the “prestige” ones. It’s time for a change in the medium, quick.
My exact thoughts bro. So glad to see it happen.
Imagine thinking there were 25 better games than Ragnarok this year, Christ almighty, these indies are becoming the equivalent of Oscar Bait films in Hollywood
Ragnarok is a very well made game, but people have different taste. You don't have to agree with every single thing. Eurogamer put out probably the most negative High on Life review there is, and don't have Bayonetta 3 in there at all, and that's my #2 and #3 for the year. They don't have Triangle Strategy in there either, which is my #4.

Doesn't mean their opinion is invalid. It's just what they liked playing this year.
I'm glad to see Pentiment on so many of these lists, because I'm still only an hour or so into the game and finding it hard to keep going. But seeing it lauded so, by players and journalists alike, encourages me to keep at, as the payoff should be great.

No need to push it I would say.

Maybe revisit later.

I really enjoyed it but i like games like these.


Really good list. Love it that almost every list this year is dropping most of the bloated AAA hype snoozefests, including the “prestige” ones. It’s time for a change in the medium, quick.
Well for what it’s worth both DF John’s and Eurogamer’s list managed to get me to look up games I had completely missed.
But Elden Ring is the #1 for me just as in those two lists, and GOWR is up there near the top as well, so I’m not ready to sideskip the AAA games.

My own leftfield odd favorite this year is Scorn. Not listed here but for me it gave me a playthrough I won’t forget anytime soon. Started out incredibly slow but once I reached the second area I was in love and stopped playing everything else until I reached the end. Probably the most unique game I’ve played in a couple decades. Best art design of the year too.


Again, nice to see Citizen Sleeper and Norco getting their dues. Great games in my opinion.

Vampire Survivor is addictive (have almost completed it twice on Steam and Xbox) but can see why it is in the mid-30's. I personally don't think it's in my top 5/10.


It was an abysmal year.

I cant think of a single game besides Ragnorak id put on that list.
Beautiful, good acting, but if you played the 2018 game there is absolutely nothing special about Ragnarok. It's more of the same, now with less troll bosses, more annoying Atreus and the dullest less memorable ending possible (for a game called Ragnarok, one would expect Ragnarok to be the climax of the game, instead of its dullest part).


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It’sa stretch to say 37 games came out this year let alone to say that all of them were essential lol

The Cockatrice

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Tunic is amazing. Dont let the cute grx fool you. Its an incredible game and quite difficult. Do not google its solutions, just discover the mechanics on ur own.


At first sight I thought it was an artsy meme list, but some of the games actually caught my interest.


Other than Elden Ring I only played Citizen Sleeper off that top 10 list and it was a borderline visual novel. Tf are they smoking over there, lol.

Looks like a list that was put together by a bunch of hipsters and they only put ER in there because they had to pick something mainstream and didn't want to piss off the readers.
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This list just screams of people burnt out from being in the industry to long.
Now they just play games harking back to their youth in the hope they can find that spark of excitement again. They never will.
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