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[EU] PSN SALE - 200+ items - Games Under 20


Still deciding whether to rebuy Fallout 4 and buy its DLC now I don't have a PC. Having it digitally would be pretty damn convenient.
I bought Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition for £9. Don't know when I'll get to play it, but I've been dabbling with buying it for ages and for that price it seems crazy.


I bought ratchet and clank since I missed the sale of it before. Pretty stoked to try it out on my oled tv. Allmost went for Fallout and Doom but than I found both the games at a pawn shop for 15 and 10 euros respectively. Even if its the same money I prefer physical over digital.


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Tempted by all sorts of games but none are really in 'instant-buy' territory.

Titanfall 2, Ezio Collection, Nioh, Watch Dogs 2... mah.
I was wondering if there'd be a new sales topic, only to find out Bishop has been banned?! Hope it's only a temporary one.

Anyone know what new stuff is on sale? I see Hitman is £18 on the UK store, which I think I'll pick up later. Anything else notable?


How are the BioShock remasters on a Pro? I know people weren't happy with the performance on the regular PS4.
There's some new deals on PSN, part of a new sale probably (5/7-19/7).

Yakuza Zero for 25,99€ (with PS+) and Odin Sphere Leifthrasir for 24,99€.

There should be a lot more but I only noticed these two.
and yup its mainly japanese, picking up conception 2, ys memeories, the arland atelier trilogy and swords art hollow frag.

will also add nubla and world of nubla

don't know if to grab odin sphere on vita or ps4
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