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Epic Games Launcher client may cause a spike in temperature on some AMD Ryzen and Intel CPUs


Mar 21, 2007
anyway, here is my quick + dirty findings. make of them what you will (click to enlarge images). the thing i noticed is that my CPU never goes above 4.8GHz so that would indicate whatever process is causing the rise in usage/temps is an AVX instruction. i have a -2 AVX offset. CPU is meant to run at 5.0GHz unless there is an AVX load in which case it will downclock to 4.8GHz. look at CPU temperature/usage and it seems that the Epic Client is also using my GPU which shows increased usage/temps.

without anything running on my PC:

with Epic games client opened and running idle:

with Steam client opened and running idle:

I have the same CPU 9900K and it's also at 7% usage at idle. Hopefully they fix it soon because it's a pain to open and close the launcher whenever I want to play Control or Metro Exodus.


Jun 8, 2009
Cagliari, Italy
The scientists have also proven that playing Fortnite might lead to temporary or in some cases permanent brain damage.
I think it's the opposite. Permanent brain damage might lead to fortnite.

To be fair some (specially the smaller games) are actually DRM free.
You can, for example, install Into the Breach, then uninstall the Epic launcher and it will still work (you just need to move it from the default install location because otherwise it will get automatically removed when you uninstall the launcher)
This is some great info, thank you.
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Jun 7, 2004

Epic store uses 1.5 to 4x the resources of steam

i suspect it is doing cryto mining behind the scenes