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Entry into the Crater pt 2 & other God-tier tracks from SEGA

Thanks to the herculean efforts by people who are infinitely more intelligent than me, I've been able to dive deep into the Sega Saturn (Satiator) as well as reconnect with an old flame, Phantasy Star Online (Insignia on XBOX).

One thing I've noticed through my personal & recent renaissance with SEGA is that they composed some absolute bangers, many more than I was truly aware of. I'm talking bangers that make you stop and take notice because it's like, "holy shit, this is one of the most sublime things I've ever heard in my life..."

Below is just a taste of the music that has been blowing my frigging mind.

*Also, all these OSTs and more are available on Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, etc. Go get 'em at high quality w/ no ad nonsense.

Entry into the Crater pt 2 - PSO Blue Burst (PC)

Panzer Dragoon Zwei - The great Ravine (2nd level)

Phantasy Star Online - Chaotic Bar (Shop theme)

Phantasy Star Online - Image of Hero (Character Creation)
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