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Entropy: Zero 2 - Ambitious Half-Life 2 Mod Puts Players in the Boots of a Combine Soldier


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As spotted by PCGamer, a new mod called "Entropy: Zero 2" is due for release next month. As the title suggests, this custom add-on, created by a team of independent developers, is actually a sequel to "Entropy: Zero," which came out in 2017. Both mods task the player with taking on the role of a Combine solider in Half-Life 2 and feature a brand-new story. Playing as Bad Cop, fans will have the ability to not only command their own army of synths and soldiers, but a recent trailer shows that they will also have a companion in the guise of one of Portal's corrupt turrets.

In general, it looks like it's going to be an interesting mod, bringing the two worlds of City 17 and Aperture Science together in some form.


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So this is released and it's getting high praise

Overwhelmingly Positive (1,884)

In just 2 days, for a freaking HL2 mod, mainly made by one guy.
PC mods keep winning, it's incredible.

For 0$

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I'll never stop being delighted by Valve's history of allowing full mods and conversions directly on the store. So many fantastic experiences, particularly mods of Portal games, of Alyx, or the HL2 VR mod just released, and now this.
Played through Entropy: Zero first and really enjoyed it. When I can get a few hours of uninterrupted time, gonna give the second a shot. So many great HL2 mods coming out lately..
It was a bit boring/dull imo. Got tired of throwing grendes in those ant nests quite soon.

The mod felt very professionaly made tho. Cutscenes, voice acting, writing... Everything shows a lot of care.
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