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Endling - Official Gameplay Trailer


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Endling shows off gameplay in this new trailer for this touching game, as showcased during Guerrilla Collective 2021. In Endling, it is your mission to safely guide a fox mother, the last of her kind, and her three vulnerable cubs through the dystopian future of an exploited Earth, where there is barely enough room or food for them to survive.

Looks a beautiful game


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The art's nice, but the gameplay looks like a 2D walking sim. There's just one path as far as I could see, and everything on it looks contextual. Not my jam, I'm afraid.

And, as a sales pitch, this certainly could have done without the heavy-handed narration.


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I don't understand why this video is such a blurry mess, doesn't do it justice

Such a cool project, really asking for polished and precise animation which is where small studios often cut some corners... So far so good.

Not sure how linear this is but if it's linear as in little nightmares / inside / unto the end I'm definitely in.

Would love to see this on gamepass.
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NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Become the last mother fox on Earth and protect your cubs from a harsh world and its devastated environments in Endling - Extinction is Forever. Coming to Nintendo Switch in Spring 2022.
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