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"Enclave" from Starbreeze Studios Announced for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & Xbox One (Autumn 2021)


Aug 3, 2021
Still have this game for the OG Xbox.. never got far
Enclave wasnt hard. I have died in some levels a couple of times before figuring out strategy (and the best character) for it, but it was nothing compared to arcade era, where I had to play typical game for a few months before completing it (I still remember beating battletoads, and i literally had to repeat each level a hundred times!).
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Jun 22, 2013
Canada, Québec
Wow ! I'm surprise, i've actually been replaying this game on Xbox couple of week ago.

It's really good, it's a difficult level based third person action fantasy game in which you'll encounter ennemies in tight corners, getting ambushed and trapped. Levels sometime have multiple paths and secrets to explore.

You will meet new playable characters and unlock new equipment by finding gold.

Imagine the control and fluidity of max payne but in a world that resembles the souls games. More medieval than fantasy though.