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Emotional Music in Games | "I'm not crying..."


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Too lazy to dig up links right now, but Interrupted By Fireworks from Final Fantasy VII *always* fucks me up.

Dearly Beloved from Kingdom Hearts, as well.

The opening theme of Ocarina of Time, with the flute music from the original game, that gives me hella nostalgia.

Promise from Silent Hill 2

You're Not Here from Silent Hill 3.

Main Theme of Metal Gear Solid, before Sergei Assoschitz or whoever claimed plagiarism.
The title of the track and even the intro are a bit misleading, making it sound like the song is a battle theme or something, but it's actually building up to an incredibly dramatic moment in a cutscene, like a shocking revelation or noble sacrifice. Music to die to.

Don't watch if you haven't played Xenoblade Chronicles, but here are all the story moments this emotional music punctuates:



Came here for this. I've played through with my girlfriend at the time and both of us had teary eyes at the Laguna and Raine scene at the end.
It was the game I've used to show her "what's so great about games anyway?"
The only game that actually managed to make me teary to this day.
But specifically the ending version of the song. Spoilers ahead if you haven't finished it:

Snatcher credits music fits the tone of the ending perfectly.
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Going to go through various different emotions.

-Kicking it off with the GOAT.
MGS2's intro theme. It manages to instill a sense of badassery, heroism and melancholy all in one. Harry Gregson-Williams composed a master piece for Kojima here:

-FF7 Victory Fanfare.
The first game that really made me feel like video games were going to be the biggest medium in the world, and this little melody effortlessly showed the sense of coolness to prove that it was going to happen.

-FF7 Lifestream/Cosmo Canyon Observatory Theme.
This twinkly song managed to feel nostalgic even when it was brand new. And now as an early 30s man with a family it makes my eyes get misty.

-Chrono Cross A Cry in The Summer boss battle fanfare.
So much damn jubilation. The perfect victory theme after a tough boss fight. Simply does not get old.

-Chrono Cross Another World Termina
Oh God this happy bagpipe music has been stuck in my head since 2000. I said before that I think Chrono Cross has the best OST in gaming due to its eclectic flavors. Pianos, Guitar Riffs, Bagpipes it had it all.

-FF10 Battle Theme.
The undisputed GOAT battle theme. Makes you feel the height of your youth and the false sense of invincibility that we enjoyed.

-Shadow Of The Colossus Revived Power.
Last but not least, this theme more than any other gives a timely injection of hope. Even when it reminds you while it plays that your challenge isn't over, it reassures you that you always had the strength to overcome it, it was just about finding it.
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Some amazing choices in the OP and throughout, but what the fuck yall crying at video games for? Jesus.

Music can evoke emotions, but crying???


This game is trash but this is one of the best and more standout emotional video game piano themes in the last couple of decades:

Great thread and a lot of fantastic choices so far.

These might be my absolute favorite picks of the stuff posted so far:

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption 2

While from 2 different games, the times they hit are so damn effective IMO. So, listening to them just takes you back to that feeling you had when you first experienced it.

100% spot on. They're well-composed and emotionally effective songs on their own right. But when you think about what's happening in the games when those tunes play... Hot damn.
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