Elden Ring is the greatest realization of imagery from Tolkien's Silmarillion


I kept thinking the same thing. I love looking at the game and wandering its world, i just wish i was better at playing it lol

I think if any studio was equipped to make a lord of the rings game, it would be fromsoft. They would just need to make a world thats more populated and living then they are used to
This exactly how I feel. The world and it’s art is simply magical. I dare any other medium to capture its sheer splendor. I would love to see Miyazaki and his team work on a film just for the amazing art.
I keep thinking about Elden Ring. I really want to play again, but I'm waiting for DLC to drop. I would've thought we'd hear something by now.
Nah it'll be a really big DLC, like a regular non-open souls game's worth of content, and will be unveiled with a lot of hype and fanfare after many more months of frustrating waiting

...I think
Elden ring would be a lot cooler if everyone who talked about it didn’t constantly say “wow elden ring is just like this other thing”
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