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[ElAnalistaDeBits] Alan Wake Remastered | Xbox 360 vs Xbox One S/X vs Xbox Series S/X | Graphics Comparison & FPS

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Oct 24, 2017

Video information by ElAnalistaDeBits:

ONE: 900p30fps / 38,65GB
ONE X: 1440p30fps / 38,65GB
Series S: 1080p60fps / 38,65GB
Series X: 1440P60fps / 38,65GB

- The game does not support HDR on any platform.
- The distance has improved in the remaster. One and SeriesS have a similar setup, somewhat better on OneX and with more items on SeriesX.
- Lower resolution textures on Xbox One.
- Some assets have been added in some areas (cones, fences ...), although anecdotally.
- As a personal opinion, some changes in the texturing or modeling of Alan Wake have not been good.
- Severe FPS issues in some cutscenes on Xbox One. This also causes sound out of sync.
- Xbox One experiences a lot of tearing in the most stressful moments.
- Problems loading some textures on Xbox One. It is necessary to return to the main menu to correct it.
- Unexpected crashes on One / One X.
- I think that D3T has done a job that could be improved (as happened with Mafia II: Definitive Edition or Shenmue HD).
Not open for further replies.