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|OT| Eiyuden Chronicles |OT| The 108 Stars of Kickstarter


Jul 5, 2020
We hit the first DLC now and they released a new sneak peak:


The design vote takes place in discord and loiks like c is going to win. Followed by b
i can live with that, i really want a neclord type vampire boss in the game though


Jul 5, 2020
i'm sure the unite attacks will get flashier but that was one of my biggest wishes as well, always loved the flik/viktor unite attack and the riou/nanami one where she starts eating in mid attack in suikoden 2

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Jan 9, 2020
We reached now the last two days of the Kickstarter.

Yesterday we had another AMA on Reddit. You can look at the summary here:


- New Updates:

Update 13 - 7th Most Funded Videogame, Murakami Interview, Obsidian pledges, Backer Vote Update, New Sneak Peak Video
Update 14 - 6th Most Funded Videogame, Design Spotlight (Duels, Farming System), Vote 109h Hero Results, Late Game Stretch Goals

Update 15 - Spotlight: Backstory Novel, Stretch Goal Spotlight - Theatre System, Job Reward Sets, 110th Hero - Kunoichi, Dev Stream on the final day

- The 109th Hero Vote ended and the winner is: Markus the Skeleton King

-Stretch Goals:

We are now around 3.755.000 Dollar. That means we got:

3.325.000 - Farming System (You can now raise and sell crops, vegetables and fruits on your own fortress farm. The higher the farm the more people can live in your fortress. You can also sell stuff for money)

3.425.000 - Duel System (Now you can have a duel at specific points of time in the game. Its based on the Suikoden duels)

3.600.000 - Card Game (You can now collect cards through the game and you can challenge people with it)

You can also add those wonderful trading cards to your pledge:


3.700.000 - Ranking System (


3.800.000 - Theater System - At this Stretch goal, you’ll be able to add a Theatre to your Fortress Town, put on plays, and even attract famous writers and actors to your town to create masterpieces! (Based on Suikoden 3)

3.850.000 - Patience!!!!! Ninja Waifu appears and ensures a realy WAIFU WAR. - This sneaky character lives much of her life in the shadows, but that’s not why no one knows her face. It’s you, dear backer, that will be choosing what she looks like when she steps into the light.

4.000.000 - "Origins Story" - Back Story Novel - Not just a famed game writer, but an accomplished manga and book writer in his own right, Yoshitaka Murayama tackles this exciting spin-off novella that tells the story of a different side of Allraan. This is the second piece of FREE Digital DLC for backers.

4.250.000 - Hidden Goal: "The Depths"


We still try to get to 4.000.000 but as soon as we hit like 3.850.000 Million we will become 5th most funded videogame of all time and beat Mighty No. 9.

For the Waifu wars... iam on team <D>utiful*

The devs will be in a final stream 4 hours before the ending :)
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Jan 9, 2020
C really won! :D
Whats is the top 5 of most funded videogames of all time?

Right now:

- Shenmue 3
- Bloodstained
- Torment Tides of Numera
- Pillars of Eternity
- Might No 6.

We will beat Might No. 9 within the next few hours. They will start the final campaign for the last 48 hours soon.

We are almost hitting the Theatre goal now :)


We hit already 3.800.00 and we are just 27.000 Dollar away from beating "Mighty No.9" and 30.000 to the 110th Hero.
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Jan 9, 2020
So it happened now really fast.... so let us celebrate a bit more:

Eiyuden Chronicles beat now Mighty No.9 and it is now officially:

"5th Most Funded Videogame Kickstarter of all time"
"The most funded Videogame Kickstarter since 2015".
"Kickstarter with the most japanese backers ever".

With current predictions they can even reach Place 4 or join the Top 3.

On top of it:

We already achieved the 3.850.000 Dollar goal and we will get now the 110th Hero.

The design voting for the character takes place under https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeqsEaXr8kDuQLcUXQTBVWvS3fMJ-JAlGzQi5U9G9VLe1-ovw/viewform and everyone can take part in it now.

As a thank you "Rabbit&Bear Studios" published a new video that summarizes a bit the journey so far and offered a lot of new "Mega Premium Rewards", "Reactivated some Premiums Rewards" and added another "Hero Backer Addon" (it just gives you a Hero Tag for the Credits for just 10 Bucks)

If you look closely at the end... Murayama is shaking hands with Koji Igarashi (Producer of Castlevania and Developer of Bloodstained). :) Its rumored to be a hint for something but nobody knows exactly what Rabbit & Bear Studios plan together with Igarashi

For the last 48 hours they added all remaining stretch goals and they will reveal some more within the last day.

Remaining Last Goals

- 4.000.000 Million: Origin Story "Backstory Novel written by Murayama" (DLC)
- 4.250.000 Million: *Hidden Stretch Goal* "The Depths"
- ??? Million: *Hidden Stretch Goal* "On My Own Time"
- ??? Million: *Hidden Stretch Goal* "A New Style" (DLC)
- ??? Million: *Hidden Stretch Goal* "A Good Offense"
- ??? Million: *Hidden Stretch Goal* "State of Mind* (DLC)
- Final Goal: *Hidden Stretch Goal*

The finale stream with the developers will take place on Twitch for the last 4 hours of the campaign on saturday. :)
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Mar 11, 2020
The skeleton vampire man is such a clickity clickity goofball but it seems like they are leaning into it simce his favorite food is jelly beans. I like ninja A in the new poll. I think her art is the most "Suikoden" looking. D will win.
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Jan 9, 2020
For everyone interested in the closing stream. Here are the times based on the different locations:

They are going to reveal all Stretch Goals and some special guests are announced. We believe that Koji Igarashi will be one of them.

The Closing Stream (@ http://twitch.tv/eiyudenchroncles) and Kickstarter Finish Times for the Eiyuden Chronicle campaign:

US Pacific Time Saturday, August 29, 5-9AM
US Mountain Time Saturday, August 29, 6-10AM
US Central Time Saturday, August 29, 7-11AM
US Eastern Time Saturday, August 29, 8 AM-12 Noon
Rio de Janeiro Saturday, August 29, 9 AM-1PM
UTC/Coordinated Universal Time Saturday, August 29, 12 Noon-4PM
British Summer Time Saturday, August 29, 1-5PM
Central Europe Summer Time Saturday, August 29, 2-6PM
Swatch Internet Time Saturday, August 29, @ 541 - 708 .beats
Moscow Time Saturday, August 29, 3-7PM
Dubai Time Saturday, August 29, 4-8PM
India Standard Time Saturday, August 29, 5:30-9:30PM
Chinese Standard Time Saturday, August 29, 8PM-12 Midnight
Japanese Standard Time Saturday, August 29, 9PM-1AM
Australian Eastern Standard Time Saturday, August 29, 10PM-2AM
New Zealand Standard Time Sunday, August 30, 12 Midnight-4AM

Last night (for me) we lost like 33.000 Dollar due to the FOREX and Abe resigning in Japan but it seems like its going to bounce back pretty good now for the last day.
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Jan 9, 2020
Thanks to our last communiy efforts we were able to push the Kickstarter into oblivion. Finally i can get some sleep and rest. I will try later to upadte all information in the two first posts.

So here we are:

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Kickstarter campaign closes at $4.57 million funded, companion game announced. Comes in as "3rd Most Funded Videogame Kickstarter of All Time"

From the Final Update:

Let’s look at all the amazing things you achieved:

  • Highest backers and funding from Japan
  • 40 Stretch goals smashed!
  • You cleared EVERY social media challenge, with the exception of the Toy Shop and the Lumbermill. Those two are so so close!
  • You helped fund 4 different other game Kickstarter campaigns mentioned in our weekly Kickstarter Spotlight.
  • You straight up BROKE Kickstarter on the first day of the campaign with all your initial pledges.
  • But most importantly, you made friends with other fans, built an amazing community, and helped empower the creators who gave you many great memories.

You are all heroes! Thank you so much for support and see you on the stream:

We literally destroyed all Stretch Goals.


- 4.250.000 Million: "The Depths" (Rogue Like Dungeon)

Hero Mode - Plumb the depths of special randomized dungeons with your chosen party and take on unique challenges not found elsewhere in Allraan. Plan your team wisely, as certain members will be stronger against specific foes. Be careful though, because your party members will tire over time, making fights harder as you explore deeper into the unknown!

- 4.300.000 Million: "On My Own Time" (a simple PVP Mode)

Asynchronous Mode - At this stretch goal, you will be able to share your party and fortress town as AI-controlled data with other players, allowing them to battle your army without you even being online.

- 4.350.000 Million: "A New Style" (DLC)

Fortress Town Asset Pack - This set of visual assets will allow you to customize your fortress in the style of a Japanese or Chinese castle, setting you apart from the rest! This is the third piece of FREE Digital DLC for backers.

- 4.400.000 Million: "A Good Offense" (like a Tower Defence Addon for your Fortress)

Battle Defense Mode - At this stretch goal, invaders will periodically attack your Fortress Town as the story progresses. Build a Citadel to strengthen your walls, train defensive troops and develop weapons to protect your citizenry from those that would ransack your home.

- 4.500.000 Million: "State of Mind* (DLC)

Another Story: Seign - In this DLC side story, you will take control of Seign in an adventure told from the empire's point of view.

- 4.525.000 Million: "Companion Game"


The Companion Game was the FInal Stretch Goal after hitting the last DLC "Another Story: Seign" which adds another 10 hour of Gameplay to Eiyuden Chronicles.

Rabbit & Bear will share all assets from Eiyuden with Natsum-Atari (Wild Guns) to let them develop another little Town Building Simulation feat. a variety of Mini Games. Alongside the minigames all Heroes from Eiyuden Chronicle will visit your town and you can learn about them.

To rebuild the town you need to gather materials. The moment Eiyuden Chronicle launches they will add the option to transfer Data from the Companion Game to Eiyuden Chronicle. Those materials will allow you to get a kickstart regarding crafting and other stuff.

If you are a backer and you missed out on this... you can still get the Companion Game offer for 7 Dollar even with the Kickstarter is finished.

Small Fun Fact:

They offered Furukawa (Voice Actor of One Punch Man) a role as a "Anglerfish" in Eiyuden Chronicle. He was one of the Special Guests of the closing stream.

For End something random. ;)

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Jul 24, 2011
Belfast, NI
Love the new Markus render, some real Soul King Brook vibes.

Exciting tease by Murayama on potential new character types he added (dragon, middle aged swordsman, a cook, an android etc)
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Jan 9, 2020
November and December Updates are out. :)

But before that some christmas greetings from "Rabbit & Bear":


Hey there, heroes!

Remember, remember, it’s now November, and that means another meaty update for all of you waiting for that new drip of Eiyuden information. We know the wait for that monthly update can be tough, so we’re trying our best to make sure the wait is worth it.


It’s finally here! The main event! The thing you’ve been waiting months for! The Eiyuden Chronicle Kickstarter Survey (survey, survey, survey…)! First, an important reminder: some of you received marketing surveys during the Kickstarter campaign. This was NOT the official Kickstarter survey.

The official survey will go out starting Friday, November 13th (ooh, spooky!) in Japan, and Thursday November 12th in the US. With over 45,000 backers, this will be a process that takes several days to finish. If you don’t get your survey on the first day, don’t panic! It will absolutely arrive within a few days. If you haven’t received your survey within one week’s time, please reach out to us at pr@rabbitandbearstudios.com.

Also, please, please, PLEASE check your spam folder first, to make sure the survey didn’t end up there by mistake. The survey will be open for a large part of the development process, but since your answers will allow us to get an early read on some key information, it would be extremely helpful to get your responses sooner rather than later.

We’re also working on a store backend solution that will allow pre-existing backers to purchase additional items. This system will also allow backers to input any reward related details that are not covered in the upcoming backer survey. We appreciate your patience as we continue to develop and test this brand new system.

Murayama’s Monthly Development Update

We are now in the process of fleshing out the details of the game design that were vague before. Right now, a lot of ideas have come from our team members, and my job is to pick and choose what works in the context of the game "Eiyuden Chronicles".

However, I'm often stumped when I'm faced with ideas that are equally good and difficult to decide on. I often wonder whether I made the right choice or not.

And the biggest job I have at the moment is the foundation of the story, the plot. The plot is not only important to the final outcome of the story, but it's also a very important part of the framework of an RPG game.

How many dungeons and towns do you need to create based on the plot, and what kind of design will they be?

They will be affected by the plot, so I have to think about those factors as well.

Unlike regular scenarios, game scenarios are closely intertwined with the gameplay.

How long does it take for the player to be able to control the game on their own after the game starts? Things like that also affect the feel of the game.

With this in mind, I have to keep in mind the biggest challenge of a story, which is to portray how people thought and acted, and how these characters lived, otherwise it will lose its appeal.

The biggest difficulty is maintaining a balance between the plot as a stage for portraying the characters' lives, and the plot as a framework for playing the game.

Juicy Game Updates

With the administrative details out of the way, it’s time we shifted over to the juicier parts of this month’s update!

Let’s start by revisiting one of the monsters we first showed off during the campaign. As development is a living breathing thing, parts can change and evolve over time, as in the Dead Countess, which will hopefully give you some insight into the ongoing development process.

Monster Profile: Dead Countess

Dead Countess

A Demon that deceives people, turns them to undead, and recruits them to her kin. She has a distinct air of beauty and loves to decorate her surroundings.

Castle of the Dead Countess

Once a castle of man, after this abode was abandoned and fell into ruins, Dead Countess and her kin took up residence.

The interior of the castle is crumbling, but it is said that the top floor where the dead countesses are located is furnished with luxurious items in far better shape than the castle’s furnishings, and that the undead hordes raided the surrounding territory to obtain them.

Word has it that the castle floats due to the power of a rune-lens cast by its previous owner.

A lesser update would probably end there, but this is a monthly Eiyuden Chronicle update, and we’re just getting started. It’s been too long since we introduced a new character, and we felt that it was about time. Let’s check out what fresh new face is joining the crew!

Profession: Engineer from an imperial workshop

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Favorite food: Milk

Ivy's two massive "rune arms" are her own invention. They're powered by rune-lenses and pack exactly the juggernaut punch you'd expect. Her diminutive stature is a bit of a sore spot with her, so the arms are her way of compensating.

"Sorry, did you say 'shorty'? Oh, you did NOT! All right... We'll see which of us is puny after I rune-slap your scrawny ass into next week!"

Kawano's Comment : I made sure this character is just bursting with energy. You can see there's a faint glow around her torso. The idea we're going with (at the moment, anyway) is that there's a large, glowing rune-lens fitted to her back. We think you'll like the way she moves, especially once you see the pixel art!

To cap off this month’s reveals, here’s a sneak peek at a brand new spooky creature you might come across during your travels in Allraan.

A spirit-type monster found in ruins and caves. They are said to be what will become of a living thing that dies with an obsession.

A Word From the Team
While Murayama-san has been handling monthly development updates, we wanted to offer a space in each update for a different key member of the development team to share their thoughts on the progress of the game. For our first Word From the Team, Director Komuta-san!

“We decided to introduce the core members' messages from this update as well, and I have been appointed as the top batter.

Ladies and gentlemen, Komunichiwa, or Komubanwa, this is Komuta, the director of Eiyuden Chronicles.

It's been a couple of months since we finished our Kickstarter campaign. The planning team has been discussing a "war event" for a while now.

"Let's have a bunch of characters active in the war at the same time."

"I want to show a big army advancing on the battlefield."

The members of the planning team and Murayama-san would work together to come up with ideas for the game and establish a direction for it. How are we going to show a lot of characters? What should it look like visually? What kind of game should it be so it's interesting to play? How should a war in Eiyuden Chronicles be fought? Why not create multiple units with a captain and second-in-command, with a platoon leader-like character among them, and have the player dictate the actions and routes of each unit? I don't think it's suitable for Eiyuden users, or users who want to play RPGs, so let's make it a turn-based type of game. But we don't want to make it a visual representation of just advancing pieces on a hex!...

It's exciting to see the "core of the project" of the blurry war event slowly taking shape.

Sometimes, when a planner says dreamy things like, "Personally, I definitely want to make siege warfare with siege weapons and larger weapons a reality!" they get shot down by engineers and designers...... But I love Eiyuden team members for they are very energetic, asking questions like, "how can we make it happen?", "Maybe it's better if we do it like this!", "Let's make it look like this!", "It could be more interesting if we used this technology!" Thanks to everyone's support, the team is in a great spirit as we work on this game.

Right now, the team is in the middle of developing prototypes of battles and towns that have been put into specifications after going through the planning process. We've shown you a little bit of the battle scene footage and the battle system in the Kickstarter campaign, but in order to achieve the goal of Eiyuden's battle with natural formations, using height differences and obstacles, we've also been playing with implementing special "gimmicks" in the prototypes. We're also working on the concept of creating a "living city" through trial and error, including NPC behaviors.

I'll be teasing you all when it's ready for presentation.

Thank you for your continued support.”

That’s it for November’s update, but don’t worry! We’ll have another piping hot update to keep you warm through that cold December as we head into the holidays. Don’t miss it!


Hey there heroes!

It’s that time of the year! Hopefully all of you are looking forward to winding down for the holidays, but are also staying safe in regards to covid-19. We’ve got a nice big update this month with plenty of surprises (and even a few holiday gifts!). You’re all going to absolutely love it!

Let’s get started!

Survey Progress

Let’s start with the latest update for the ongoing work with the survey.

Thank you to everyone who has emailed us directly about missing surveys. We are currently compiling a list of those backers, and upon verification, will be finding alternate ways to provide the survey and/or access to the fulfillment store. As this is a manual process which can involve emailing hundreds of backers individually, as always, we appreciate your patience.

Rest assured, we will absolutely make sure that we have gone through all of the emails so that no one is stuck without a way to provide us with the necessary information.

Speaking of the fulfillment store: much of the work is completed, so we’ll be able to provide specifics about how it works early next year.

Now, on to the fun stuff!

Murayama's Monthly Development Report

I’m still hard at work on the plot of the main storyline. As we announced in the Kickstarter, Eiyuden Chronicle has Seign's side story, a side story for Marisa, and a companion game in addition to the main story. I've been thinking about how those stories might fit into the main storyline.

My approach to storytelling is to first create a certain amount of background—a situation—then throw the characters into it and imagine what would happen. I do this as many times as it takes. If I get it right the first time, great, but if the characters don't seem to be going anywhere in the story, then I set up a new situation and start again from scratch.

It's like a game, a sim where I play through different routes. The difference is that I have to decide if it's a success or not, and I’m left to wonder if I really made the right decision.

What's important to developing a good setting and good cast of characters is strong villains. When I showed up at the Discord Channel last month, I asked everyone in the room on a whim, “What's your favorite villain? Aside from Luca Blight, because I already know that.” As a result, I received a very large list of characters. It was a very inspiring and positive experience. I’ve never had a chance to experience this kind of developing style before, and I'm enjoying every moment of it

Profession: The Guardians

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Favorite food: Caramel bars

A toughened Guardian who leads his own command. Marisa and the others trust Wayve implicitly, and not just because he's more experienced. He's a man of few words but ample brawn and courage, and he always puts his comrades first. More than once, he's risked his life for them.

"Stop bottling it up, brother. If you're having a rough time then spit it out. We're all here for each other."

Kawano’s Comment:

Wayve is one of the top characters to redraw the face for. Apparently I didn't fully grasp his relationship with Marisa, their position and such, so it took me a while to get to the point where I was able to meet the requested motifs. So every time a retake order came in, I thought to myself, "wow, this character is going to have a lot of screen time (or have something special planned for him)".


A monster that emits intense heat from its skin. It feeds on some type of ore, which it melts at high temperatures and takes into its body.

A Word From the Team
J-diary vol.1

Hello, I'm Murakami J, producer and art director.

How long has it been since I posted a production note to users?

For the first time in years...well, a decade? It's been so long that I can't even remember.

This is because I was able to safely start the Eiyuden project with your support. Personally, it's been a long time since I've worked directly on a production site.

This project, as you know, has four leaders who would normally work as a producer or director and lead the overall game production.

In addition, all of them have former experience in the field and are skilled at their craft.

Even though they are old, these dependable colleagues are working on site, each with their own role to play this time. So I am able to focus on one thing in peace.

I haven't had this kind of feeling for over a decade.

An environment that is not affected by external factors...

This situation that allows me to focus on being creative...

An atmosphere with like-minded, dependable friends...

Hmmm...how wonderful it is.

Again, I can't thank you all enough.

Well, that was a long preface.

Here's an update.

It has already been three months since then we received your enthusiastic support at the Kickstarter event.

In terms of production, we have been talking with external partners for future phase of this project while reinforcing our internal production system.

On the art side, we are working on the specifications of the battles and city scenes shown at the Kickstarter to make them much close to the actual game, bringing to their final form.

Recently, we are considering a new way to present "one-on-one battle".

The system for the one-on-one battle is still in the planning stage, but Murayama said, he want the "one-on-one battle" to be focused on presentations, so as an art director I'll be suggesting the team something that might become a hint for building an interesting system while dreaming about what I want to do in terms of visual effects and character actions that are different from normal battles.

One of my priorities is probably the pixel art, which will be the most demanding part of this project's art aspect.

I'm giving a lecture to my staff about this, and we're preparing for mass production.

This game will have a ton of characters (and Kickstarter stretch goals added some more), and I'm not going to be able to do it all by myself...

Mass production is our top priority.

I've talked about this in interviews before, but the size of the pixel art in Eiyuden is much larger than that of the past.

This is due to the difference in the resolution of game screens between now and then, but it is quite a challenge.

Since the area of pixels per frame is large, my hand gets strained from time to time.

It is not impossible to make a "pseudo pixel art style" by relying on modern convenient technology, but as a result of experimenting with various techniques, it does not bring out the original good taste of pixel art.

I'm very particular about this, and I spend a lot of time and effort on it, carefully drawing by hand.

Currently, we are working on the pixel patterns for the basic animation of the six characters that we already showed as prototypes.

The production itself is going well, but sometimes I feel like saying the following when I'm on a tedious task of pixelating, and that is...

"I wish I could run from all this..."

Especially when I've been making the similar type of art of the same character forever.

Sometimes I feel like shouting "What is this, some kind of torture?!"


My mind went on a bit of an escape.

To get a change of pace, I jumped the gun, and dabbled with this character.

The character in question is…

This guy.

I call this, "The Epic Fall of Yuphelius VI!"

What do you think?

I'm feeling better after making this. And just like that, pixel art creation is back in business.

I found our sketch artist drawing a rough draft of something the other day, and...


"Give it to me!

And just like that, I decided to keep it in the game.

I know I'm basically signing a death warrant by doing this, but I always tell my staff to avoid creating format of the character patterns, visualize the individual differences and make it visible between each character.

So, just like my instruction, I think this art clearly reflects my unique hopes for this Shi'arc.

Our younger staff members seem to be growing up quickly, and I'm looking forward to their future.

So, anyway... I thought it's about time you all wanted to see a different pixelated character, so I thought I'd share this one with you guys.

But if Murayama says "ehhh" three times, we may not use it, though lol.

I'm giving away this full-size Shi'arc pixel art for all of you who support


It doesn't move, though, because he's completely knocked out.

I'd be happy if you could promote Eiyuden by posting it in various places.

"...And send it to the internet!"

The world is becoming more and more affected by the COVID crisis, but our production team is working hard, staying positive and cheerful.

This is all thanks to the support from all of you. Thank you all.

The game release is still some time away, but we hope to give you a sneak peak of some game materials like this, as a way of saying "thank you".

So, uh... Is this how the "production note" part should be like, or...?

I feel like I'm rambling on for too long.

So I think I'll leave it there (where?) for now.

See you soon.

to all of you who are looking forward to the Eiyuden Chronicles,

with love,

(I know I'm way too early but)

Happy Holidays!



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Jan 9, 2020
Iam moving soon into a new appartment where iam able to do more :) Then i will update the whole thread.

Yetee send out Emails now where all backers can register to get access to the slacker backer shop. :)
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Jan 9, 2020

Microsoft put out a new trailer about Eiyuden Chronicles :)

I will soon move into my new appartment and start my new job. Then i will have more time again for the Thread :)
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Nov 8, 2018
The spritework and animations are superb. Hell, it looks even better than Octopath.

But what the fuck was that Rising thing?