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EDGE Magazine Gives God of War Ragnarok a 6/10

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Don't do this, his track record speaks for itself.

Certain people don't need defending.
Honestly I am in the camp of not really caring what people review games.

I've found the best way is to just rely on my own opinion with games, I think people put too much stock in other people's views and get upset over them, it's all trivial stuff imo.


Stevivor, people went on a mad crusade at him too.

He gave Horizon Forbidden West a 6.5/10 and got blacklisted.

Console warriors believe he hates Sony despite giving various games 9 & 10s.

And want you believe he is a huge Microsoft shill despite giving sot a 4/10 🤷‍♂️

Your defending this?




Those 10s are definitely justisfied. It might not be perfect, but no game is. To say its a 6 is just trolling. Gow Ragnarok is one of the rare games to hit the mark on every element which makes a great singleplayer game; like gameplay, combat, storytelling and lore, graphics, music, voice acting and motion capture animations. Its better than Gow 2018, and builds on what made everything great about the first one.
I can’t really comment as like I say, I’m just basing my opinion on other people’s reactions. Glad to read you think it’s better than the first though.


Yeah. Especially compared to the other games out now, GoW:Ragnarok is barely sufficient on quantity, quality, level building, gameplay, graphics, art direction, narration, music, and technical performance.

Isn't it?
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