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East Asian Music Community


Here's some different stuff. Chinese/Mongolian music with some traditional elements in it. This particular singing competition has introduced me to a ton of great music.

On another note, the radio at work sometimes plays this really catchy upbeat Japanese song but I can't for the life of me find it. I'm convinced the song isn't supposed to be on the radio at all because the playlist and Shazam both claim it's some American rap song. Maybe I'm just going crazy.


The comments seem very certain it's at least dubbed over. Doesn't sound impossible to my admittedly untrained ears though, so maybe it was just to ensure a good recording.
The Pirates music kicking in caught me off guard a bit though. Wasn't expecting a movie melody mashup from that ensemble.
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The comments are from TwoSetViolin

Regardless it was still very good.
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Haha, they're quite the pair. Interesting to hear their perspective and how they can immediately tell when something is off.


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The scarlet Moon, dancing in the sky
That vivid and swaying color, pierces into my eyes
making me insane...

It has Master Sparked!!!
My neuro-circuit has been Master Sparked!!
So I've understood now! I understood that I haven't understood!
Ramen-rice is squirting out of my wings' Cosmo of that kind of me!
Ugghh! This is already, in other words, in other words, what I meant to say is:
What is it!!!?

He-hahaha!! Welcome Marisa and Reimu, you bastards!!
I'll give you a mushroom of some kind and a hundred yen so get the hell outta here, you bastards!!
Wa, they've gone! Cheap!! You're so cheap, heroines!!!
Well then! Since it's boring for now, I'm going to sing something!!

Chomp chomp bang bang hug-hug boom!
Dendeke den den den, splat!
Zunbero ding ding click click clatter!
Spell card, spell card boom!

Kyun kyun kyun kyun okkepepe-!
Ghostly ghostly Myon Myon myo, cut!
Chintiranchira chicchikichi-!
Spell card, spell card boom!

Demupa demupa demu
pademu pademu pade
mupade mupade mupa

Argh...! Even at this time...!? Calm down...!
Grrrrr!! Stay away from meeee!!
As a matter of fact, when you're playing video games
light up the room and stay awaaay!!
I..., I..., dont wunt two hurt enibodi enimoreeeee!!!

Everything is all messed up now!

Sacrifice-fice your drops of blood!
Sip sip! The tasty tasty!
Going to suck suck suck them all!
Because I'm damn hungrrry!

Sacrifice-fice your body!
Everything looks! So delicious!
"Those" kind of things and "these" kind of things!
It makes me hnnnnnnnnn!

I'm having a feeling that Gaia is whispering me to shine, definitely whispering the hell to me!!!
But, at this rate my gestaration is going to collapsiiiiiiiing!!
Odd electromagnetic waves are pouring on to me, the Satellaview is coming to meeeeeeee!!

What!? Lævateinn tastes goooood!!
Big sisteeeeeeeeeer!!!
Could you hand over that mayonnaise pleeeeeeeeease!!!?
Oh! No! Not salt! Sakuya no! Not pepper!
Hissssss... You made me punch the wall...!!

Teratera ponpon nopperari-!
Tetteke peppeppe! Splat!
Tondero dendero mohhemohe-!
Smirk smirk nyo!

Tempura tempura well well fried!
Crispy crispy, blow blow! Yum!
Bow bow meow meow nyaffu nyafu-
Kitty kitty it is!

Sakuya Sakuya saku
Yakuza yakuza yaku
Zayaku zayaku zaya

(Meow times a lot)
A time in spiral without any mornings or nights,
repeats for near eternally.
"Hey, who was mad?"
"The world? Or me?"
Inside the cage where grievous cry echos.
In the endless memory....

(Meow times a lot)
In the black world which
I've reached my hand there was no end, no anything.
I faintly hum that song that I have almost forgotten....

And that was the dream I haaaaaaaaad!!!

Tontororin! Tonrorin!
Nyan nyaro nyan nyaro zunberorin!
Gengeroron! Gengeroron!
Penteru penteru penterurin!
Zunberoben! zunberoben!
Shan shara shara shara tuntururi!

It was an act on impulse you see!
I have done it! A crow-bar like thing!
That has sunk into a toufu!
'orry XD 'orryXD 'orryXD 'orryXD
'orry XD 'orryXD 'orryXD 'orryXD
'orry XD 'orryXD 'orryXD 'orryXDXDXDXDXDXDXD

Ohh, it's such a utopiaaaaaa that I don't care about anything anymore!!
My hyper hunger is rushing the hell to me,
I'm goin' hnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!
Now run run, right this moment!
I'm going to chase you! And eat you!
I'm going to munch munch you!

Sacrifice-fice every single thing!
The hot and warm! The tasty tasty!
I'll chew, munch and suck you away!
My belly is fuuuuuull!

Urgh...! If this is going to happen, I shouldn't have eaten udon or Udonge at morning!
...Wait...! Big sister... have I eaten my breakfast!!?
Whaaa!? Ahhh, arghhhh!!!
I am 'ungrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry!!!
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Is that what peak Anime sounds like? Those lyrics are something else haha.

The new Shaman King Anime being announced reminded me of this one for the first time in years. Used to be on TV here when I was a kid and it was one of my first gateways into Anime since they only ever showed half of it so I watched the rest of it subbed online. The nostalgia goggles are definitely going on when it releases.

And a little bonus fitting with what I posted earlier. Doesn't technically fit the spirit of the thread since it's Kazakh, but hey.

Great cover.
Wow, that is a fantastic cover. What a chill performance.


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Its not from an anime(although there is a Touhou anime adaption). All Flan remixes are based of this gem.

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I actually don't like the Miku version. Prob the only cover I like. (If you have already somehow posted this I blame tiktok)
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