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Earthworm Jim Trilogy - Angry Video Game Nerd


First 2 were good, I had both on Genesis. I think I prefer the first, the second was a bit too much about minigames but still some brilliant levels in there. Like, moonlight sonata while you're swimming through the internals of some creature?


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I liked the first one think I remember part two but three. Never played it.

Also the “Earth Worm Jim” intro burp. Was a thing of beauty
IbizaPocholo IbizaPocholo was your post AI generated?
Do It Episode 3 GIF by Star Wars

And if I misunderstood the situation, don't.
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Makes me happy to see AVGN still makin vids. Like meeting up with an old friend and seeing he's still doing good.

Never had anything with Earthworm Jim, but do remember a short time when he was popular.
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