Dying Light rated for PS5, Xbox Series S/X by The ESRB



Entertainment Software Rating Board has rated Dying Light for next-gen consoles (PS5, and Xbox Series X|S) and Nintendo Switch.

Earlier this month, Techland confirmed on Twitter that it is working on a next-gen patch for Dying Light. “We’re currently working on a next-gen patch for Dying Light 1 – more details coming in the future.”

As of right now, the developer hasn’t revealed any more details on what to expect with this next-gen patch of the game in terms of graphics improvements, frame rate, etc.

Hopefully it will be a free upgrade for previous owners. Really nice to see a next-gen version either way, I was only expecting a 60fps patch. Really curious to know if they will be taking advantage of the adaptive triggers in any way. I beat the game more than 8x when it came out as well as the DLCs. I absolutely love Dying Light and can't wait to finally play it at 60fps.
Yes please!

One of the best coop games of the last generation.

I've been waiting for a 60 fps patch to jump back in.
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I actually just reinstalled this yesterday on my PC. Still holds up incredibly well. Very underrated musical score IMO. Love the #80s synth/musical notes. It really sets the tone
of the game and gives it a creepy vibe.


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Hmm it's been awhile since I played it and finished the Following DLC. Wouldn't buy it again, but might give it another go as I never played the co-op before.
Really interested in playing back through the game at 60fps! Hopefully they add the options to turn off some of the annoying graphical features as well like CA.
What I feel would be really smart is if the PS5 version was made the PS Plus game for November or December, and the PS4 version was put on a significant sale. I think they did something like that with Control, plus they could probably sell a lot of DLC that way, and generate a lot of hype for the sequel.

Even better would be if they just stopped considering the PS4 and PS5 version of the same game different PS Plus titles, though. No one should feel left out of a PS Plus game because they still can't find a console.


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The rating given to Dying Light 2 by the ESRB is an M, which in the US means it will only be available to purchase for customers age 17 and up, unlike what was assigned by the PEGI system. This status as a "mature" title isn't surprising, given Dying Light 2's zombie horror genre as well as the graphic and political tone of the original game's story, which the sequel appears to be following up on. In the case of the differences between PEGI and ESRB, this comes down to the more general way that the ESRB rates titles through categories from E to M, while PEGI specifies a more exact age range if not labeled U for universal.
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