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Dunk Mania; the time Namco tried to beat NBA Jam at their own game...and other clone games


EVERYONE and their uncle (especially the Uncle's that work at Nintendo lol) have played NBA Jam. It basically became an iconic part of 90s gaming history. Ported to every damn console and portable system ever and basically wrote the book on how to make a sports video game that was BASED on the sport in question but really pivoted the actual mechanics to a way more fast paced arcadey feel.

So it should come as no surprise that every company under the sun wanted their piece of the pie! Enter Dunk Mania from Namco...a fully 3D NBA Jam style basketball game running on PS1 arcade hardware. A really fun time...but also a total clone of the source material. But it's a super fun game...especially with two player yet sadly compared to NBA Jam this one has just straight up faded into obscurity.

So that got me thinking...what are some of the other "really good clone games" out there.



What time is it?
Konami's Run and Gun is still the most fun arcade basketball ever and that's coming from a huge NBA Jam/Showtime fan.
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