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Duckstation (PS1 emulator) UWP/XBOX One port released.


Release Latest Preview Build · stenzek/duckstation · GitHub

Universal Windows Platform / Xbox One​

The DuckStation fullscreen UI is available for the Universal Windows Platform and Xbox One.

To use on Xbox One:

  1. Ensure your console is in developer mode. You will need to purchase a developer license from Microsoft.
  2. Download the duckstation-uwp.appx file.
  3. Navigate to the device portal for your console (displayed in the home screen).
  4. Install the appx file by clicking Add in the main page.
  5. Set the app to Game mode instead of App mode: Scroll down to DuckStation in the listinng, press the Change View button, select View Details, and change App to Game.
  6. Upload a BIOS image to the local state directory for DuckStation, or place your BIOS image on a removable USB drive. If using a USB drive, you will need to set the BIOS path in DuckStation's settings to point to this directory.
  7. Add games to the local state games directory, or use a removable USB drive. Again, you will have to register this path in Game List Settings for it to scan.
  8. Launch the app, and enjoy. By default, the Change View button will open the quick menu.
  9. Don't forget to enable enhancements, an Xbox One S can do 8x resolution scale with 4K output, Series consoles can go higher.
NOTE: I'd recommend using a USB drive for saving memory cards, as the local state directory will be removed when you uninstall the app.

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