DualSHOCKERS: Microsoft Might Announce A New Xbox Studio Acquisition at E3 2021

The Alien

gears 6 isnt coming out any sooner. state of decay same. everwild too. hellblade 2 is 2022. rest is good.

How will hellblade 2 vs hfw. heroine vs heroine. for me alloy wins, but it will be fun to see what ninja theory is cooking.
I bet Gears 6 is actually a 2023 release.

They still have one more Operation left to support Gears 5 )which spans another 12 weeks once launched). They are switching over to Unreal 5 for Gears 6 so there will be some new learning.

Apparently they had been helping out with Halo Infinite as well. And supposedly working on a new IP to boot (either something entirely new or that rumored Star Wars/Mandalorian game. So they have been busy! Lol.

I love me some Gears. Excited for G6, but also hoping they take their time and do some reinventing to make the franchise fresh again.
2020 called and wants its fact checking methods back.


What i mean is, when you write that on a technical level something is true, then it is not a false strawman (or false for any other reason).

I know what you mean; I just had trouble phrasing that part the right way :S His point was right in a surface level way, but it wasn't a good argument to make in defense of timed exclusives because of the complicated nature of how the benefit of timed exclusives work for the platform which has them.

It also isn't a 100% steadfast rule because timed exclusivity deals can be extended as per the terms of the contract, we've just seen this happen recently with FFVII on Xbox & PC. It should've came out for those last month but Sony extended the timed exclusivity period and who's to say they can't extend it again?

The false strawman was more to his point of trying to justify timed exclusives over studio acquisitions for platform exclusivity because his items of use to support it were incredibly flimsy .

Adding to your Psygnosis post, Psygnosis published first Drakan game which was a PC game but the sequel to that game (Ancient Gates) was PS2 exclusive (and bombed). If you wanted to play the sequel you had to buy PS2, no alternatives. At least Xbox is giving you multiple options (XBox Consoles + PC and that Valve Handheld if they are actually making it + Cloud). I'm sure they even want to bring it to Switch i feel like.

Dang I didn't even know that :S

People keep forgetting the alternative methods for delivery Microsoft actually provide, so it's good to list them as a reminder. Some of those may not be the optimal way to play those games, for sure, but they are still there as options and really meant to compliment the Xbox/PC method (IMO, at this time), not replace them.


Youre right, Its a new lie, a new fake rumor, one fraud after another multiple times a day to keep xbox in the news. The brand is so dead and desperate for attention that out right lying to fans is the "grass roots" strategy Aaron Greenberg spoke of. Before one lie and fake rumor is debunked theyre already on to the next one. I would think after awhile that whats left of xbox fandom (to the extent it even exists) would wise up that theyre being lied to but i honeslty think they like it at this point.
Were the Bethesda rumors a lie? What about Obsidian and Playground? It's kinda bizarre/delusional that you're talking about fake Xbox rumors when Xbox insiders have been fairly accurate and pretty much every positive PS rumor over the past couple of years has been wrong. 14tf PS5, Bluepoint acquisition, exclusive Silent Hill game... All made up by PS fans to try to create positive PS buzz.

Why does positive Xbox news hurt you this much? Do you seriously think another acquisition or two is going to be the turning point that lets Xbox take over the industry?
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