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Opinion Game Dev Hardware DualSense: Supermassive "already having discussions"


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

We were recently lucky enough to sit down for a (Skype) chat with Supermassive Games chief Pete Samuels, during which we discussed the upcoming release of Little Hope, the next horror game in the studio's Dark Pictures Anthology.

During the interview, we discussed the recently announced DualSense controller. Supermassive has always experimented with how players interact with their games, and we thought that the new features offered by Sony's next controller might have sparked some ideas behind the scenes at the studio. Here's what he had to say:

"Obviously it's really exciting for us. As you say, we've had some experience not just with Until Dawn but we spent a couple of years working in VR and making some games in VR and got to play with some stuff, including voice control in one of the VR titles that we did. So yeah, we're excited, we like new stuff - we like trying to design for new stuff."

"You mentioned the PlayStation 5 controller and its features," Samuels continued, "and we've been having some chats about that for a little while now about how we're going to use that."

In the past, we've seen the studio experiment with things like the motion sensors in the DualShock 4 in Until Dawn. That's an area the studio wants to continue exploring.

"The whole tactile thing - as much as we can transfer what you'd expect the character's experience to be directed back to the player, I think the better attachment you feel to the characters.

"The voice controls that we did before were VR so it was first-person, so it made a lot of sense to actually make your choices [using your voice] because it was you in the game - in the third-person perspective it perhaps makes less sense. But we're already having some discussions [...] about some things we might do, some things that we might incorporate into the game having seen the announcement [of the DualSense]."

Finally, Samuels got around to talking about the next-gen consoles, which are set to land later this year.

"A new generation of consoles is always exciting. Streaming platforms are massively exciting, as they try to broaden the gaming audience, and we think what we do plays to that in terms of the types of experience we build, bringing film watchers and TV viewers into our world. There's so much to be excited about over the next couple of years."


Dec 5, 2018
I hope PC games take advantage of the controller's features too, there was some progress with the DS4 but not as much as I hoped.


Jun 28, 2013
I really want to see a game that can handle voice inputs over microphone, computed via AI and then fitted into the narrative beats. Tearaway is the first notable game in my memory that tried it, minus the AI component.

Now that every system has a guaranteed microphone, games in the vein of QD or Supermassive titles have the opportunity to, though invariably they’re gonna need a major partner to assist with voice recognition AI.


Aug 16, 2018
itsnothing.gif the interview
They literally said nothing about DS :messenger_pouting:
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