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Trailer Indie Doom Fighters: Doom 2 Mod Reimagines the Game as a 3D Beat 'em Up


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

A Doom 2 modder, who goes by the alias edypagaza, has uploaded an add-on for the game which still retains much of the original's fast-paced action and demon slaying, but gives it a bit of a different spin. From the description on the page, and an accompanying YouTube video, "Doom Fighters" effectively turns the id Software title into a beat 'em up game, not too dissimilar to something like Streets of Rage.

The one-minute video shows a third-person view of Doomguy, who has been rendered as a full 3D model for the purposes of the mod, plowing through the game, beating up zombiemen and imps with just his bare hands. At one point, it even shows him picking up and using the crucible, which is one of the best weapons in Doom Eternal. Complete with the classic Doom music, the clip really shows what the pixelated FPS would be like if the main character ditched the traditional weapons, and simply punched, kicked and somersaulted their way through hell.