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Does Nintendo's next iteration have to be equally as powerful as the Steam Deck?


Jan 7, 2018
“As” powerful? When the new Nintendo console likely won’t release for another 2 years or so? LOL. Sadly this is probably correct, or it may even release with less power than the deck. Nintendo gonna Nintendo.
Sep 25, 2016
Switch Pro / 2 is also a console which means it will have better performance in games vs SD even if SD has better stats on paper because it uses a very light API.

The only reason TW3, DOOM, DOOM Eternal, WOLF 2 etc run at all on Switch is because of the console API and months of optimisation around it's 4 core 1GHZ ARM CPU, 3GB of slow ass RAM and a 180GFLOP GPU...


Nov 1, 2005
If it came out today, the answer is a clear "No". It wouldn't be a PC, so it can get better results with weaker hardware.

If it comes out in 2024? Yeah, it should probably be right around where the Steam Deck is now - whatever the ARM/Nvidia equivalent of that would be. And it would produce clearly better results than the Deck if so.

Also I think it should stick with 720p for handheld mode, as long as it can go well over 1080p - even up to 4k for some games - in docked mode. Here I really think they do need a DLSS solution in handheld form to stretch the upscale.