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Do you want Fromsoft to stick to open world or go back to interconnected-linear?

Do you prefer for them to stick to open world or go back to linear style games?

  • Yes, bring on the new open world order of Miyazaki games

    Votes: 118 52.7%
  • Naw, Give me that metroidvania-ness the studios known for

    Votes: 106 47.3%

  • Total voters


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I lost interest in the formula after Dark Souls 3. I was skeptical about Elden Ring, and here I am, 155 hours in and I am still exploring everything with probably another 100+ ahead of me before I finish. I haven’t been this engrossed in years.

I definitely prefer Elden Ring’s approach, despite a few warts.


Why not both? Elden rings open world is the best out there, if they improved on that and go full next gen only, game could be fucking massive and much better. The technical limitations are obvious from cross gen.

Keep dark souls linear, keep elden ring open world. I doubt we will ever see dark souls 4 though.


I usually prefer a little more linear games but the open world fit the souls formula perfectly and they absolutely nailed the design IMO.

Elden Ring is easily my favorite From Software game.


Loved Elden Ring, don't want Elden Ring 2, or any sequel really. Give me something new, something bold. I'd hate to see FromSoft turn into a twisted version of ubisoft spitting sequels every odd year.


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Open, but would love for them to actually try creating a world where its not just a bunch of baddies trying to kill you everywhere with a smattering of NPCs, but a game with towns...moments of respite, a story that is told in real time rather than through lore.

It would be a bigger departure for them than even the open world.


Just don't get rid of the jump ever lol, it changes so many things 😋

But I'm not worried about they make next tbh. They have delivered, they promised things delivered the trailer with no lies, and game turns out even more massive than one would expect.

From, please never lose this passion.
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